Quasar Adds Windows to iPad Multitasking

Ever wish you could open multiple running apps in different windows on your iPad? Now thanks to a tweak available on Cydia called Quasar, those with jailbroken iPads can do just that. Instead of running full-screen, apps run in windows like they do on a full-fledged computer.

Quasar iPad tweak multiple windows

This avoids needing to use the multitasking dock to switch between apps, and makes it possible to run multiple apps side by side. Each window can be resized or if you need a particular app to run full screen you can easily make this happen.

Of course windows can be dragged around on the iPad screen, and iPhone apps can be opened at their native resolution. The additional screen real estate of the iPad is the only thing that makes this useful, although multiple windows can fill up the display quickly. Quasar is an in-depth tweak that will definitely improve as developer Pedro Franceschi fixes bugs and releases future updates.

Click here for iPad jailbreak instructions or follow these instructions to jailbreak iPad 2. Quasar can be downloaded and installed from the BigBoss repo on Cydia for $9.99.

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