Samsung to Supply A6 Processor for iPad 3

The iPad 3 will sport a quad-core A6 processor manufactured by Samsung according to a report sourced from the Korea Times. Despite Apple and Samsung's public feud over patents and competing mobile devices, Apple will continue to rely on Samsung to deliver the next generation processor.

iPad 3 Apple A6 Processor

Industry sources claim Samsung has increased production of the Apple-designed A6 quad-core chip using advanced 28-nanometer technology at its manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas. Apple is one of Samsung's largest clients, and Apple relies on Samsung's proven track record.

Apple may use Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing for some of the A6 processors, however the company does not have the same capacity to manufacture quality chips at the volumes that Apple requires. Although the relationship between Apple and Samsung appears to be strained over patent battles, the two companies remain important business partners.

Samsung Chief Executive Choi Gee-sung explained to the press that his company was dealing with these legal issues separately from component deals with Apple. In the meantime, the A6 quad-core processor is expected to debut in the iPad 3 as early as March 2012. Other reports have indicated that critical parts could not be supplied to Apple, which have delayed both the iPhone 5 and iPad 3. It's possible these manufacturing issues have pushed the iPad 3 release back to June or later.

Regardless, Apple isn't taking any chances with its suppliers, and looks ready to stay with Samsung as the primary manufacturer of its next generation mobile processor in the iPad 3.

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