SlideWriter iPad App Tries to Recreate Popular Jailbreak Tweak

SwipeSelection, based on Daniel Hooper's concept video, is one of the best jailbreak tweaks released this year. The tweak makes editing text on the iPad and iPhone much easier by allowing users to swipe instead of tapping for a more precise cursor drag.

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Studio Tentpole has attempted to recreate Kyle Howells’ jailbreak tweak with a new iPad app called SlideWriter. The $0.99 app allows users to swipe above the keyboard, instead of on the keyboard, to edit text. However, Christian Zibreg of iDownloadblog says the app isn't as good as Howells' version.

"It’s important to stress that SlideWriter does not modify the keyboard for all apps because Apple’s rules prevent access to modify the global keyboard. As such, it could be dismissed as a gimmick of sorts, although your 99 cents still buy you a simplified note taking program with a fully functional keyboard sporting some of the editing techniques akin to Howells’ concept."

"And now for the Catch 22: moving the cursor or selecting text requires sliding your finger (or two fingers for twice the speed) above the keyboard. This doesn’t exactly follow Hooper’s vision which calls for a much more elegant solution where you slide your finger across the actual keys."

Zibreg said he is feeling "buyer’s remorse" after buying the app. However, if your iPad is not jailbroken it may be something worth checking out. I can't imagine going go back to the old clunky method of editing text after using SwipeSelection.

SlideWriter is only available for the iPad.

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