Some iPad Retina Displays Appear Yellow

As with every mass produced product that hits the market, every once in a while something goes wrong. Apple is no stranger to screen issues over the years, with some units of the original iPad suffering from backlight leaks and the iPhone 4 shipping with discoloration due to wet glue. Now that the third generation iPad has shipped, some users are reporting a overly yellow hue on their tablets.

iPad Retina display defect

Side-by-side comparisons of the iPad Retina display have revealed a slightly warmer tone in the higher resolution display. Most have commented that the Retina display is an incredible improvement that must be seen to be believed. Not only this, but the higher resolution is said to reduce eye strain when compared to its predecessor.

Some users, however have received defective screens. Given the difficulties in manufacturing the iPad Retina display, it's not surprising that some units might have problems. For the time being, the issues are isolated incidents and are eligible for free replacement under the Apple Care warranty. The photo above shows an example of a defective screen; this is not the slightly warmer tonality that is normal on the iPad 3 display.

Whites will still appear white on the new iPad, despite a slightly less blue image when compared directly to the iPad 2. A MacRumors user posted this three way comparison between the iPad 2, a normal iPad Retina display, and a defective Retina display. The reports come as Apple begins to enlist additional suppliers for Retina display components. Samsung will be joined by Sharp in the production of the 2048x1536 screens as iPad 3 production continues.

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