TiVo Stream Lets You Watch TV on Your iPad

You can now catch up on all the saved programming sitting on your DVR by streaming your favorite TV shows to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. TiVo Stream allows you to beam high-definition quality content to up to four devices in your home. This way you can watch TV while you make breakfast, go to the bathroom or brush your teeth. TiVo Stream also allows you to take your shows on the road, and turns your iPad into a TV by giving you the ability to view the guide, record a show or watch it live.

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TiVo Stream is $130 and will be available from Tivo.com starting on September 6th. There is no additional charge to use TiVo Stream if you already own a TiVo Premiere box. TiVo Premiere boxes cost from $150 to $400 depending on the model. A TiVo subscription costs $15 a month for one DVR and $13 a month for multiple DVRs.

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