Two New Musical Apps Turn Your iPad Into a Music Studio

I'm not sure if there is a demand for iPad family bands, but if you were looking to form one, Rockmate is the app you'll need! The new app transforms your iPad into a music studio allowing you to compose, record and play songs with up to 4 people.

Rockmate features everything you need to record and share music with your family and friends. You just have to choose what instrument you want to play, guitar, drum kit or keyboards, and use the smart metronome and a real-time looper to kick start your iPad music career. The app is being offered at the introductory price of $0.99 for one week. Hurry and download it now because it will jump to $3.99 on December 21.

Another musical iPad app, SHREDDER, is "specially designed and developed for guitar players." The app is a synthesizer/MIDI interface that offers a synth engine with dual oscillators, three custom-designed filters, three dedicated envelopes, and dual LFOs. Since I have no idea what any of this means, here is the full press release:

"SHREDDER, now available on the iTunes App Store. SHREDDER is a synthesizer/MIDI interface specially designed and developed for guitar players. It allows guitarists to play a true analogmodeling synth by simply plugging in – no special pickups needed!"

"In addition, SHREDDER can also be used as a MIDI Out interface to control other Virtual MIDI compatible iOS devices, or hardware synths through a physical connection 'SHREDDER is an amazing breakthrough for guitarists and all musicians,' says SHREDDER engineer and guitar veteran, James Yonac. 'Now guitarists can get amazing synth sounds from their guitars without a special synth pickup and for a small fraction of the price of a hardware guitar synth.' SHREDDER reads guitar input through popular iPad guitar jack interfaces or from the iPad’s built in microphone."

SHREDDER is available now in the App Store for $14.99.

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