Unannounced iPad Features Revealed in SDK

Apple could have kept a few things under wraps until the iPad actually hits shelves beginning next month. The iPhone OS 3.2 SDK (Software Development Kit) has a few features Steve Jobs neglected to announce that could make their way onto the first generation iPad.

One discovery that received quite a bit of attention was the fact that support exists in the iPad OS for a camera. Speculation on this front has been rampant, with some reports suggesting that Apple will wait until the second generation iPad to add a front facing webcam.

The iPad will also reportedly get wireless document sharing capabilities that were not mentioned at the keynote. Apple plans to target personal and corporate users with these features.

What used to be the iPhone Contact application is now called LittleBrownBook. The interesting part about this SDK discovery is that contacts can be browsed from within other apps. Basically, its possible the iPad will run desk accessory widgets to get around the fact that only one third-party app can run at a time.

Six dictionaries are also included: three Japanese dictionaries, the Oxford English dictionary and thesaurus, and an Apple corporate dictionary.

Finally, the way URLs are handled has changed. Instead of the Web app opening links, SpringBoard is deciding what to do when a user touches a URL. It looks like the iPad could be configured so that specific links would open the related third-party application instead. This is similar to how the iPhone opens the Phone app when a phone number is touched.

Apple always has tricks up its sleeve. Although we doubt that a major hardware change such as a webcam is likely, additional software features in the first generation iPad would strengthen demand for the device.

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