Use a Bluetooth Mouse With Your iPad

One of the more interesting tricks the iPad can learn when jailbroken is how to pair up with a Bluetooth mouse. A stock iPad will recognize Bluetooth keyboards, however Apple designed the interface specifically to avoid the use of a mouse peripheral. The folks over at BTStack aren't interested in these limitations.

Of course, Apple isn't interested in honoring your warranty if your iPad is jailbroken. Regardless, some users may find this trick helpful if they absolutely must have a mouse and keyboard operational with the iPad. Others will find the whole setup a waste of time and go buy a laptop.

Other solutions that convert the iPad into a laptop have been designed, however they don't include touchpad or mouse functionality. Now, maybe with one of these iPad netbook cases, a jailbroken iPad and a wireless mouse, you can fool yourself into thinking you actually have a netbook. A very expensive netbook.

A mouse really can make it much easier to highlight text or edit documents. The little magnifying glass only works so well in some situations, so the option of a mouse isn't so far fetched. After all, a wireless mouse is just what the iPad needs to be a truly useful portable presentation tool. Otherwise, better set those Keynote slides on automatic.

So much for touch-screen computing taking over and making people forget about the bad old days. Turns out that a mouse still makes it pretty easy to perform many basic computing tasks. What's clear is that an iPad is not a basic computer, it fills different shoes. This fact won't stop developers and users alike from expanding its functionality and adapting the iPad to more familiar forms. It's enough to drive Steve Jobs mad.

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