XCOM: Enemy Within Coming to the iPad as Standalone App

Last year, 2K Games broke the premium game mold on the Apple App Store when it released XCOM: Enemy Unknown to the iPhone and iPad for $20, and now along with Firaxis Games, the company is launching XCOM: Enemy Within as a standalone app for mobile devices. Enemy Within was originally released as a downloadable expansion pack for the Windows and OS X version of Enemy Unknown. The expansion included new features such as new resource, called "Meld" and the ability to "modify operatives of existing classes to give them superhuman abilities," according to Wikipedia.

"In XCOM: Enemy Within, players can return to the XCOM universe, where they’ll encounter an assortment of new content including powerful new weapons, abilities, and strategies, and confront a host of dangerous new alien threats", said Ananda Gupta, lead designer at Firaxis Games.

The Enemy Within mobile app will be available for both iOS, Amazon and Android devices starting tonight for $12.99. Early reviews say the game works well on the larger iPhone 6 Plus, and that it will support the iPad 3 and above and iPad 2 and above.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will not be required to play Enemy Within, but the turn-based strategy game is currently available on the App Store for only $10, instead of its original launch price of $20.

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