How can I search for / find text in a web page on the iPad / Mobile Safari?

Though the search / find text in page equivalent of Cmd-F or Ctrl-F isn't a native feature of Safari on the iPad, that doesn't mean this functionality can't be added to the iPad with relative ease.

Through the addition of a bookmarket (a javascript bookmark), you can add the ability to search for / find text within a page in the iPad's Mobile Safari browser.

Here's how (do all of this directly on your iPad):

1) copy the following block of text:


Don't worry if some of the above text seems to get cut-off when viewing this on your iPad, if you drag your copy selection box around the whole block of text, it will copy everything it needs.

2) bookmark any page and title it "Find Text" (or whatever you like), then save the bookmark

3) edit the bookmark you just created, and replace the destination with the code you copied above by pasting it

That's it, simply use the bookmark you've just created the next time you want to search for text in a web page on your iPad.


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