What are the best strategy games for the iPad?

Finding quality strategy games for the iPad can be hard, especially since there are so many premium titles available on the App Store. Of course picking the "best" strategy games for the iPad is impossible since everyone has their own opinion about what makes the perfect game. With that said, here are a few popular options that most strategy fans should enjoy.

Civilization Revolution ($2.99) Based on the popular PC game Sid Meier's Civilization, this turn-based strategy title allows players to build an empire from the ground up starting at 4000 BC. Players can win in a variety of ways including total world domination or by building the most sophisticated civilization. The game features 16 civilizations, tons of units from different eras, great leaders and easy to use touch based controls.

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2K Games released a sequel called Civilization Revolution 2 in 2014, but it was not as successful as the original mobile version.

Kingdom Rush ($2.99) and Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD ($4.99) If tower defense is what you're looking for then the Kingdom Rush franchise is a very popular choice. Kingdom Rush is a medieval TD game where players must use various towers, spells and other resources to defend their castle. The game features tons of levels and achievements which gives a very high replay value. It is highly recommended for fans of the tower defense genre.

Kingdom Rush HD
Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD

Devil's Attorney ($1.99) This is an older game where the goal is to free all of your clients so you can buy new furniture for your apartment. The game has received an impressive amount of positive reviews from popular gaming websites such as Touch Arcade.

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Commander the Great War ($19.99) This turn-based WWI game is fairly new but it has been receiving mostly positive reviews. Players can play and chage the outcomes of 40 different real World War I events. The game also features 18 different unit types, the ability to research and improve units and a battle system based on realistic war strategies.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Free w/ in-app purchases) This is a collectible card game from the makers of World of Warcraft. The game promises to be beginner friendly and features hundreds of cards for players to build competitive decks. The creators also plan to release future expansion levels that players can unlock as in-app purchases. If you were ever interested in collectible card games but were too scared to give them a try, Hearthstone is a great place to start.

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UPDATE 2015:

Heroes of Might & Magic III ($9.99) Turn-based strategy game where players can build and command an army of mythological creatures.

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Pike and Shot ($19.99)

• Accurate simulation of battle in the 16th and 17th century Age of Pike and Shot.
• 10 full-sized historical battles in each campaign- The Thirty Years War, English Civil War and 16th century Italian Wars.
• Stand-alone battle system allows unlimited “what-if” scenarios using historically realistic armies from carefully researched army lists, on realistic computer generated terrain maps.
• Randomly generated stand-alone scenarios including open battle, attack on a defensive position, defence of a defensive position, awaiting reinforcements, enemy awaiting reinforcements, flank march.
• In stand-alone games players can pick their armies from the army list or allow the computer to pick the army for them.
• 5 difficulty levels allow the challenge to increase as you develop your battlefield skills.
• 20 troop-types, 25 “capabilities” and numerous different unit organisations allow full representation of tactical differences and developments throughout the period.
• Multiplayer mode allows historical scenarios and “what-if” scenarios to be played by two players using Slitherine’s easy to use PBEM server

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Other Noteworthy iPad Strategy Games

  • Battle Fleet 2: WW2 in the Pacific ($4.99) WW2 turn-based strategy with warships
  • Stalag 17 ($6.99) Help your comrades escape from a WW2 POW camp
  • Wars and Battles - Strategy Wargame ($6.99) Platform of turn-based wargames that simulate historical battles and campaigns over several centuries and continents.
  • Ultimate General: Gettysburg ($7.99) Tactical Wargame that allows you to command thousands of soldiers as a Union or Confederate General during the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • Hell: Fight for Gilrand ($9.99) Turn-based tactical skirmish strategy game developed by award winning developer Hunted Cow in partnership with Slitherine.
  • Vietnam...'65 ($9.99) Wage a counter-insurgency (COIN) war to secure the Ia Drang valley, on the border with Cambodia.
  • Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager - Take charge of the US or Soviet space agencies - your duty is be the first to the moon. Carefully manage your budget by opening programs, spending R&D funds on improving the hardware, recruiting personnel and launching space missions in this realistic turn based strategy game.
  • Rebels and Redcoats II ($7.99) Rebels and Redcoats recreates the battlefields of the American Revolutionary War. The war began in 1775 when the American colonies rebelled against the British Empire, declaring their independence in 1776. In the following years, Britain tried to end the revolt and recapture the American territories. The rebels however had support from Europe, with France and Spain later joining the war as allies to their cause. A decisive American victory at Yorktown in 1781 broke the British resolve and was a catalyst in starting peace negotiations. The war ended in 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris and global recognition of the sovereignty of the United States.
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