My DIY iPad Arcade machine

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Here is my diy iPad Arcade. It runs off of a Wii controller to take advantage of Wii remote support built into popular emulators. It will retain full wii compatibility once those emulators get updated to support the classic controller. But enough of my yapping about it just go check it out yourself. I think you guys will like it.
The Dealio

***Major Update***
So I finished everything I am going to do to this case (except for having a skilled artist paint it).
I also added a VERY cool last minute feature.

Links to the videos!

The full feature list of the Ultimate iPad Arcade is now as follows.
Full Wii compatibility.
AVI out.
Built in Speakers.
High quality tournament level fightstick.
Built in projector.
Landscape and portrait modes now supported (requires case).
Hinged top for easy access.
Quick release for fast stick replacement.
Spacious interior (you could fit a whole Wii in there...*snicker*)
Charges iPad.
Looks sweet.

Okay so maybe that last part isn't a feature so much as an opinion but damnit I'm gonna list it!

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