iPad mini 4 display matches iPad Air 2 in colors, color accuracy and more

iPad mini 4 Display

After conducting an analysis of the iPad mini 4, DisplayMate has determined that the fourth-generation tablet has become "a full fledged respectable iPad family member with a high performance display that Steve Jobs would be proud of." The 7.9-inch tablet features a record low 2.0 percent screen reflectance, beating the iPad Air 2, and it matches the color accuracy of all current iPad and iPhone models.

"Colors and color accuracy of the iPad mini 4 now match all of the recent full size iPads and also the recent iPhones (5 and 6 including S and Plus)," writes Dr. Raymond M. Soneira President of DisplayMate Technologies Corporation. "So across the entire mobile iOS product line you'll now see color matched photos and screen images. The mini 4 is an excellent super size upgrade to the iPhone 6(S) and Plus and now truly qualifies as a small version of the iPad Air 2.".

The decrease in screen reflectance allows the iPad mini 4 to perform better in direct sunlight compared to older iPad models.

The iPad mini 4 also features "full and very accurate 101% sRGB Color Gamut," according to Soneira.

A recent teardown by iFixit has revealed that the new display decreases the repairability of the iPad mini 4 since the "LCD and front panel glass are now fused together." The iPad mini 4 has been rated a 2 out of 10 (10 being the easiest to repair) in repairability due to the display being fused together, the Lightning connector being soldered to the logic board, and "gobs of adhesive hold everything in place."

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