Nintendo to announce first mobile game tomorrow


On Thursday Nintendo will announce its first video game for smartphones and tablets during its meeting with investors, according to The Wall Street Journal. Up until recently the video game maker has snubbed mobile gaming, refusing to port older titles to the App Store or release new games on mobile platforms. Earlier this year Nintendo had a change of heart announcing they would team up with the Japanese game developer DeNA to release new games to smartdevices.

“We will talk about details tomorrow,” Nintendo’s new chief executive, Tatsumi Kimishima, said Wednesday according to the WSJ.

It is unknown what Nintendo and DeNA have up their sleeves for their new mobile department, but Kimishima said the partnership was "on track." Late Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said in March that all "Nintendo IP will be eligible for development and exploration by the alliance," and that the company hopes the mobile market will help push more physical products.

The investor's meeting will follow Nintendo's earnings reports which was released on Wednesday.

Nintendo "reported a ¥7.8 billion operating profit for the quarter ending September 30th, down slightly from the ¥9.3 billion figure it posted in the second quarter of 2014," according to The Verge.

Nintendo is also expected to reveal more details about its next-generation console, codenamed the NX, at the strategy briefing on Thursday.

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