Very few iPad accessories are being showcased at CES 2016


It's day three of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and so far there hasn't been much focus on Apple-related products, especially iPad accessories. This year has been all about advancement in car tech, wearable devices and home tech accessories. Besides a few new iPad cases and Apple Watch docks, most iOS products being showcased have been third-party home related accessories, such as HomeKit-enabled ceiling fans, switches and light dimmers.

Hunter Fan announced two new iOS-controlled celing fans, and iHome updated its SmartPlug with controller support. iDevices unveiled an entire new lineup of HomeKit-enabled devices including an attachable wall socket, hardwired wall outlet, an automated light switch and dimmer.

Griffin Technology made a big splash on Monday by announcing the Breaksafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable. The breakaway power cable gives Apple's MacBook the same magnetic connector found on the MacBook Pro or Air. The Breaksafe power cable will be available in April for $40, but it doesn't solve the problem of a lack of ports on the MacBook. For that you will still need to purchase one of Apple's multiport adaptors.

Griffin also showed off a few of its other Apple products like its new keychain-sized Travel Power Bank for the Apple Watch and Survivor Slim iPad Pro case.

Belkin launched a more affordable $89 Apple Watch Valet Charge Dock, and Ford announced CarPlay will be coming to all its new models this year.

CES 2016 runs from January 6 to 9 so there is still a lot of time for big announcements and new products to be discovered, but so far it has been a lackluster event for iPad owners.

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