Spark email client updated for iPad and iPad Pro

Spark iPad

In its largest update to date the popular email client, Spark, has been updated with iPad and iPad Pro support. The app has been carefully redesigned for bigger screens so existing and new users can easily access their email on any sized Apple tablet. Users can now also sync their Spark accounts and settings across all devices connected to their iCloud, and manage their emails on their Apple Watch with Watch OS2 support.

The update also adds several new languages, such as German, Chinese Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese, a fix for HTML emails on iOS 9.3, and landscape support for all devices.

The Spark app allows iOS users to easily manage hundreds or thousands of emails by separating important emails from newsletters and other junk mail. The easy to use swipe controls allows users to easily archive, delete and respond to emails, while the deep settings offer various customization options. Users can also tweak their notifications, create their own Quick Reply options and quickly reply to email using their Apple Watch.

The Spark update arrived one day before Dropbox plans to shutdown its email client Mailbox. The Spark app with iPad support will make a great alternative to those who were looking for a Mailbox replacement.

Spark version 1.6.0 if available as an OTA update starting today for existing users, or as a free download on the App Store for new users. It supports all devices running iOS 8.3 or later.

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