New iPad features discovered in first iOS 10 beta

iOS 10 Keynote

Developers have had a few days with the first iOS 10 beta and they have discovered a ton of universal features not mentioned at the WWDC keynote on Monday. Cult of Mac and several other Apple blogs have published a list (see below) of all the unannounced features discovered this week hiding away in iOS 10. We previously noted that there were no "iPad-only" features included in the update, but we were wrong.

The iPad is getting a compose side-by-side Mail option, like the split-screen Safari feature previewed at the event. We failed to mention the Safari split-screen in our previous post, but it was easy to overlook since the iPad has had multitasking since the release of iOS 9.0. There has also been mention of a new iPad Camera UI, but nobody has released any real information about the updated interface.

As for unannounced universal features, we have already discussed the ability to delete stock apps. This has been a long requested user feature which has taken Apple way too long to deliver. There has also been some debate if another highly anticipated feature, Dark Mode, has been discovered hiding in iOS 10. Two iOS developers tweeted on Thursday that they have discovered the feature in the beta, but it is unknown if Apple plans to make it public. You can follow the discussion on Reddit.

Other interesting universal features include the ability to delete songs you "haven't played in a while," a dedicated in "Unsubscribe" button in the Mail app and individual Read Receipts.

It won't be long until the public will be able to test these features out for themselves, as Apple plans to release the first public iOS 10 beta in July. You can sign up for the public beta at Also don't forget, the final version of iOS 10 won't be released until this fall, so there is plenty of time for changes and new features to be discovered.

Unannounced iOS 10 features:

Read receipts by conversation in iMessages
iCloud Drive Desktop folder
Air Quality Index for China
Faster Camera launch
Continuity Clipboard
Autocorrect improvements for Korean and Thai
Notes Collaboration
Unlimited tabs in Safari
Male and female Siri voices for Russia, Spain, & Italy
Definition dictionary in Danish
Live Photos stabilization
Markup in Messages
Side-by-side Mail compose iPad
Location suggestions in Calendar
New iPad Camera UI
Live Filters for Live Photos
Conversation view in Mail
Discover in iBooks
Improved Auto Enhance in Photos
Faster FaceTime connectivity
CarPlay app reordering
Split View in Safari on iPad
Rest & type iPad keyboard
Sort Favorites in News
iCloud Drive Documents folder
Bilingual dictionaries in Dutch & Italian
Apple Pay in Safari
Mail suggested move folder
Air quality in Maps for China
Found in Messages
Brilliance adjustment slider in Photos
Mail filters
CarPlay on ultrawide screens
Bedtime alarm
Siri for South Africa & Ireland
Definition dictionary in Traditional Chinese
Live Photos editing
Avoid tolls in Maps
Mailbox column
Faster attachment sending in Messages


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