Video: How to use Safari split-view in iOS 10

The iPad is getting another multitasking feature in iOS 10 called "Safari Split View". The new feature is similar to the original Split View option introduced in iOS 9. Users with compatible iPad models running iOS 10 or later will be able to view two Safari windows side-by-side. 9to5Mac has uploaded a video to their YouTube channel demoing the new Safari Split View feature. You can watch it above.

There are four ways to access the Safari Split View screen in iOS 10:

  1. Tap and hold a link and select the Open in Split View option from the pop up box.
  2. Drag an existing tab to the left or right of your main Safari window.
  3. Press Command and N on an external keyboard.
  4. Tap and hold the Tab icon in the upper right hand corner and tap the Open Split View option.

9to5Mac notes that there is no way to adjust the ratio of the Split View windows, and that you can't open a private window next to a regular window. You can open two private windows side-by-side but you just can't mix the two. You can also quickly merge all open tabs from both windows when you want to exit the Split View mode.

Safari Split View is one of the few iPad-only features in iOS 10. It is also another step in Apple's plan to make its iPad Pro lineup a laptop alternative. iOS 10 also includes a side-by-side Mail option and an redesigned iPad Camera UI. You can read more about the iPad only features discovered in iOS 10 here.

The first public iOS 10 beta will be avilable in July and the final version will be avilable in the fall with the release of the iPhone 7.


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