Guild of Dungeoneering is a dungeon crawler for the iPad where you create the adventure

Guild of Dungeoneering

Guild of Dungeoneering has been announced for iOS on July 21st. The mobile version of the game was first previewed at PAX South in March. The game is a turn-based dungeon crawler where instead of controlling the hero, you build a dungeon for the hero to explore.

Guild of Dungeoneering is played by placing cards from your Guild deck to construct a dungeon full of traps, monsters and loot. The hero then must make it through your dungeon alive. You begin the game with a low level "Chum" before eventually upgrading to better heroes, such as Rangers and Barbarians. The game features a very cool looking art style, which you can see in the trailer posted below.

Guild of Dungeoneering has been available on Steam for about a year. It has earned a Mostly Positive rating from over 700 reviews. The game was originally announced for the iPad and Android tablets. It is uknown if it will be available for other devices when it is released to the App Store.

You can learn more about Guild of Dungeoneering at or by visiting the official wiki.

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