10tons Ltd releases video of Neon Chrome running on an iPad

10tons Ltd yesterday released a video of its dual-stick shooter Neon Chrome running on an iPad. The company announced back in June that it was bringing its cyberpunk game to iOS, and this week we got the first glimpse of it working on an Apple tablet. The game is currently being beta tested. iOS users with 1GB of RAM can register here to be a beta tester.

Neon Chrome was released to Steam, PlayStation and Xbox One earlier this year. It is described as a "ruthless top-down cyberpunk shooter with rogue-like elements." The game takes place in a giant sci-fi mega structure, and it features the ability to blast through walls and enemies with a variety of guns and cybernetic abilities.

The developer has started a forum thread on Touch Arcade to keep mobile gamers updated on the progress of the mobile version. 10tons has noted on the thread that they currently have around 180 beta invites, which gives you around a 30 percent chance of getting accepted in the next round.

I'm not sure how they're distributing the beta, but you should probably install TestFlight to be prepared.

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