Sprint rolls out unlimited data plan for tablets

Sprint iPad Deals

Sprint is now offering an unlimited data plan exclusively for tablet users. Like all carrier deals, the new plan comes with some fine print attached. To qualify you need to purchase a cellular tablet through Sprint, have at least one active phone line with the carrier, and enroll in their AutoPay program. This means you can't get unlimited data for an iPad you already own, and you obviously must be or become a Sprint customer.

The unlimited data plan is $20/month and comes with a resolution and speed cap for video/music streaming and online gaming:

"With this new unlimited plan, tablet customers will receive unlimited mobile optimized streaming for a high-quality video experience for mobile devices up to 480p+ resolution and music streams at up to 500kbps and online gaming streams at up to 2Mbps. Customers can choose to add premium resolution streaming for an additional $20/line/month that includes HD-quality streaming videos at up to 1080p+, HD music streaming at up to 1.5Mbps, and online gaming at up to 8Mbps."

Sprint's press release touts its "highly reliable network," but it fails to mention that the unlimited plan restrictions doesn't allow customers to take advantage of its LTE speeds.

Apple customers planning to purchase a new iPad may want to consider Sprint's new deal, but should also compare rates for other shared data plans, which may be better. You can learn more about Sprint's unlimited data plan at https://www.sprint.com.

You can also purchase a 9.7-inch iPad Pro through Sprint for zero dollars down with 24 monthly payments of $30.42.


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