Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion gets a release date for the iPad

As promised, Feral Interactive has announced that the Rome: Total War expansion Barbarian Invasion is coming to the iPad on March 28th. The new chapter is a standalone campaign that takes place three centuries after Total War. The game follows an overstretched Roman Empire who must contend with warring tribes and religious tensions as three major religions fight for dominance.

Barbarian Invasion features the same turn-based strategy and real-time battles as Total War. It also includes ten factions with new Barbarian tribes, and the new Hordes feature. The iPad version comes with new touch-controls, mid-battle autosaves and high-resolution graphics optimized for the iPad Retina display.

System requirements are not known at this time, but they will probably be the same as Total War, which supported the iPad Air 1&2, iPad mini 2 and later and iPad Pro. Rome: Total War is currently available on the App Store for $9.99. Pricing for Barbarian Invasion is also unknown at this time.

You can learn more about Barbarian Invasion

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