Review: Labyrinth 2 HD for iPad

When I first heard the title of this game, I automatically thought it was an RPG.  As a real nerd, I got super excited about spending hours going on quests as a battle mage or something. I was wrong but not disappointed.  

Remember when you were a kid and you'd go to a classmate's birthday party?  You'd eat pizza, sheet cake, play games, etc...  At the end of the party, the hosts would hand out those goodie bags.  You know the ones.  They were filled with candy and cheap toys.  Well, on occasion, one of those toys would be a little plastic flat square with a clear plastic top.  Inside there would be a little silver ball that would roll around.  There were little holes and pegs across the board.  You had to get the ball to the goal by tilting the square around.  Kinda crumby, but what did you expect from a free goodie bag that was handed out to 30 other snot-nosed kids who were on sugar rushes?  Well, imagine one of those toys married a pinball machine and the offspring went on steroids and somehow got computerized.  You would have Labyrinth 2.


The graphics are very nice.  They are simple, so they should be. Nonetheless, they have taken advantage of what the iPad is capable of in terms of their game.  Levels created for the iPhone have been spruced up. They look great too.  You do get the feel that you are playing the actual handheld game you got as a kid. They have done a nice job creating a 3D effect. 

There is a wide array of obstacles and traps within the levels. Some examples include pinball machine bumpers, cannonballs, lasers (yes lasers), and simple holes.  

You can play with a "Ghost Ball".  This essentially is a competitor going through the level at the same time you are trying to do it.  You can try to beat your own time or compete with the level developer's time.  

One really cool option created by the developers is the ability to design and create your own levels.  You go to a website, login and start creating.  If you create a pack of 5 levels, you can submit those for others to download and play through.  This is a tremendous option. Creating games is just a plain cool thing to do.  Another benefit is that there is virtually an unlimited factory of new content available to users, created by users.  This was a brilliant idea by the developers.

As I have stated before, I am trying to do as much as possible, on my iPad without going to my PC when writing reviews. Well, I couldn't do that here.  If you want to create levels you can't do it from the iPad.  You'll have to go to your old-fashioned PC for that.   I presume this has something to do with Steve Jobs preserving our “freedom” from Flash.

There are a host of awards and achievements to unlock.  The developers clearly put an emphasis on this.   You can rate levels and earn items such as new balls. There is also a multiplayer mode available via server or Bluetooth.


The game is easy to play. The controls are just the tilting of your iPad. You can play in landscape or portrait. It doesn't really matter because you will likely find yourself tilting between both modes as necessary to get your level completed.

The levels are broken into categories of easy, medium and hard. The game can get frustrating in the more difficult levels. There is some pretty challenging stuff out there.


As discussed, there are plenty of levels available to play. Even the most determined of geek shut-in's would have a difficult time getting all of them done. Even if you manage to get through all of the levels, there is more. You can create your own levels or look to those created by your fellow gamers. This adds up to quite a bit of game play for your dollar.


  • Nice graphics
  • Great create your own levels options
  • Tremendous value due to large amount of game play available


  • This type of game may feel repetitive to some extent

Should You Buy?

The game will run you $7.99. That might initially appear as a couple of dollars heavy. However, when you take into account the sheer volume of game play available, the price is fair. If you like this genre, you will love the game. Even if you are lukewarm towards it, as I was, you will end up liking it more. I found that the more I played, the more I liked it.

Rating: 4.0 (out of 5)

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