Glasses Free 3D Technology Coming to the iPad

Glasses free 3D technology is a hot item in the Android market, and now Apple is getting in on the action. A Japanese firm announced a new lenticular lens technology that utilizes a thin piece of film to create an illusion of depth.

The new Pic3D film can turn your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or any LCD display into a naked-eye 3D device. iPhone and iPad sized sheets will begin rolling out in August, priced at $25 for the iPhone model and $186 for the iPad sized film.


All the user has to do is place the scratch guard-like film over their device and watch side-by-side video formats to create a 3D experience. This is the first technology that allows a glasses free 3D effect for almost any device without any major modifications.

Will the Third Generation iPad be the iPad 3D?

A convergence of technologies is bringing 3G imaging to a variety of consumer electronics including digital cameras and HD televisions. In many cases, these new displays don't require any cheesy glasses to render an image with depth. We've already seen researchers use the front camera of the iPad 2 to create a three-dimensional illusion, pictured below.

3D iPad head tracking front camera

They plan to release an app that will showcase this method of displaying 3D, which relies on head tracking software. Other methods of displaying 3D used in some devices rely on specialized displays. According to a recent report featured in PC Magazine, the iPad 3 could be next in line to receive the 3D treatment.

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