iPad Helps A Pilot Navigate His Plane After Instrument Panel Failure

You might think your iPad is a useful tool in your daily life, but it has the potential to be more helpful than you even know. In the right scenario, it might even be capable of saving lives. And now, a pilot in a tight spot has proved that you can use an iPad to land an airplane.

When the single-engine plane piloted by Raymond Cody took to the air this Tuesday, he quickly realized the instrument panel was malfunctioning, and the navigation system failed soon after that. The flight was a brief one, just making the venture from Colorado to Grand Junction, but Cody realized that without the use of the instrument panel, he'd have no way of directing the flight or notifying the airport officials of his arrival and landing. Luckily, he had two things that he was able to use to save the flight: a cell phone and an iPad.

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