Make Holiday Shopping Easier With Amazon’s Santa App

One of my favorite holiday traditions as a kid was using various store catalogues to create my Christmas wish list. I would neatly fold the pages and circle the toys I had to have creating an easy shopping guide for my mother. Every year she would turn into a living gift registry remembering what items my family and Santa bought to avoid duplicate gifts on Christmas morning. Amazon has decided to make things a little easier for parents this year with the new Santa App for the Kindle Fire and iPad.

Holiday iPad Apps

The app allows children to search through five-hundred thousand of the "hottest kid-friendly gifts" helping them create the ultimate holiday wish list. The choices are broken down into six categories: Music, Everything, Books, Video Games, Toys and Games and Movies and TV. The app also works as a gift registry, keeping track and removing items after they have been purchased. Parents can edit and approve the list before sending the Wish List link to family members and friends. I'm assuming grandma and grandpa will need their own iPad to participate.

Amazon Sells 95,000 Kindle Fire Tablets On First Day, iPad 2 Not Scared

No one said the Kindle Fire would dethrone the iPad (okay maybe some did), but it's living up to expectations as the first Android tablet to actually compete with Apple. Amazon announced that it moved 95,000 units on its first day, a far cry from the iPad's 300,000 units, but an impressive number. Head-to-head the iPad 2 may be laughing, but the Kindle Fire created a roadmap for future tablets to follow. If others catch on, Apple could see a chunk taken out of its tablet market share lead.


The HP TouchPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and HTC Flyer tried to compete with the iPad on its own terms, and we all know how well that worked out. Unlike smartphones, a lot of people view a tablet as a privilege not a necessity. The Kindle Fire offers a better entertainment experience at an affordable price. Yes it's cool that you can watch a movie, play games and read a book on your phone, but it's so much better on a tablet. The Kindle Fire offers 16,000 apps, a ton of movies, books and music for $200. Even if you shell out the $79 for Amazon Prime, their movie and TV streaming service, it's still cheaper than RIM's BlackBerry Playbook. Yes everyone wants an iPad, but not everyone is going to spend $500 so they can watch a movie at the airport.

Amazon To Announce New Tablet September 28?

Amazon sent out invites to a press conference in N.Y.C. on September 28th. We assume the media event is being held to announce their new and improved Kindle type tablet. This new device is Android's last hope to compete with the iPad.

The 7-inch tablet is rumored to look like the BlackBerry PlayBook and to feature a backlit color capacitive screen. The press has been quick to crown many devices "iPad Killers" in the past, but Amazon hopes to succeed where the others failed, by offering deeply integrated services like the Kindle app and the Amazon Cloud Player for a cheaper price. They're also rolling out a skinned version of Android to distance themselves from Google.

Amazon tablet

The HP TouchPad fire sale proved people will ignore the iPad if the price is right. Amazon has the weapons to offer plenty of material like movies, books and music, but the question is can they deliver a decent slate for such a cheap price?

Amazon vs. the iPad

Is it possible to dethrone the iPad? That seems to be the question on everyone's mind. I guess anything is possible, but the future for Apple competitors is not looking too bright as of right now. The HP TouchPad failed miserably to make a dent in the tablet war, and Apple is doing its best to make sure people won't get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, there is a new rumored device that people are predicting will give the iPad a run for its money -- the Amazon tablet.

Amazon tablet

Amazon has an advantage that other tablet manufacturers didn't have, they can learn from the past mistakes of Hewlett-Packard and Google. Offering a similar priced tablet with a barren app store isn't going to topple the iPad. It's going to take something creative and most-likely cheaper to grab people's attention.

Amazon Launches iPad Optimized Shopping App

Amazon Mobile is now a universal app optimized for the iPad or iPhone. Available for free in the Apple App Store, the updated software takes advantage of the iPad's larger screen to improve all aspects of the online shopping experience. Attractive and large image galleries are complemented by user reviews and detailed product descriptions.

Apple iPad Amazon App

Amazon accounts, wish lists and package tracking can all be accessed on the iPad, along with 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime features. Movie trailers and song samples are integrated into the iPad application and are sure to give iTunes a run for its money. Amazon is also competing with Apple on the ebook front with its Kindle reader and iPad application.


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