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Flight Attendant and Bear Steal Two Different iPads: NYPD Responds with iPad Registration

A California bear and Portland flight attendant have both been caught stealing iPads!

The unnamed bear nabbed a fisherman's backpack which contained an iPad and a lone granola bar around 3 p.m. at Jenks Lake in San Bernardino, Calif. on Saturday. Jesse Dinkel caught the bear on video returning to scene for a tupperware container full of food. Dinkel told ABC News the tupperware was recovered, but the iPad was not.

“The tupperware did get recovered. Just down the hill a ways. But who knows what happened to the backpack. Those bears are really fast and he just took off,” said Dinkel.

Unlike the bear, Wendy Ronelle Dye did not escape authorities. The 43-year-old flight attendant was caught with a Nevada man's iPad which was stolen from a Horizon Air flight.

The man used his "Find My iPad" feature to locate the device after it went missing. Officers in Oregon City, outside Portland, arrested Dye last Friday. Dye claimed she had not used the iPad and planned to return it to the airline. However, authorities were able to recover personal information she had entered on the iPad.

Dye has been suspended from her job.

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