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Apple announces holiday discounts for Apple Pay users

Apple Pay Holiday Deals 2016

Apple has launched a new Apple Pay web page with several holiday discounts from participating online retailers. The holiday deals are part of Apple's effort to promote its new Apple Pay on the web feature in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. iOS and macOS users can take advantage of the holiday deals by visiting a participating retailer's website on Safari and using the Apple Pay feature. Here's a full list of participating retailers and links provided by Apple:

Will All Apple Products Eventually Have Touch ID and Apple Pay?

Apple Pay isn't all about waving your iPhone to pay for food at McDonalds. The service can also be used for making in-app and online purchases on devices that have Touch ID but no NFC technology, like the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. This is why a recent rumor claiming that both Touch ID and Apple Pay will eventually make their way to other Apple products, like the MacBook Air, is not all that crazy.

MacBook Air Touch ID

The rumor was posted on the Taiwanese blog on Tuesday. The report says sources have confirmed that future versions of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad will ship with built-in Touch ID fingerprint sensors. If true, this would allow Mac users to make online payments, log-in to their accounts and authenticate other actions with a simple touch of their finger. This also doesn't seem like much a stretch since Apple has been trying to add continuity between devices with the launch of Handoff and other features found in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

Can I Make In-Store Purchases with Apple Pay on my iPad?

There seems to be some confusion about Apple Pay now that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has released iOS 8.1. The iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 do support Apple Pay, but they do not support in-store purchases. Only the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch when paired with an iPhone 5 or later can make in-store payments. Neither the iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 ship with the Near Field Communication antenna that is required to utilize the Apple Pay readers coming to more than 220,000 retail locations.

Apple Pay iPad

iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 owners will be able to use Apple Pay and Touch ID to make online and in-app purchases when they begin shipping later this week. For example, you will now be able to pay for stuff within an app, like the Apple Store, by just placing your figder on your Touch ID. This eliminates the need to type in your App Store password every time you want to make an in-app purchase.

What devices support Apple Pay?

All devices with Touch ID (except the iPhone 5s) support Apple Pay, but not every iOS device can make in-store purchases. Only devices with an NFC chip can use the Apple Pay terminals at retail locations.

Supported Apple Pay Devices:

iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus

iPad mini 3
iPad Air 2

Apple Watch

Only the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus or Apple Watch paired with an iPhone 5 or later can make in-store purchases. Devices without an NFC chip (iPad mini 3, iPad Air 2) can only make online or in-app purchases using Apple Pay and Touch ID.

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When will Apple Pay be available?

Apple Pay will be available on October 20, 2014 when iOS 8.1 is released. The service will be supported by the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch.

iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch users will be able to make in-store purchases in over 220,000 retail locations.

iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 users will be able to make online and in-app purchases using Apple Pay and their Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

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Does the iPad mini 3 support Apple Pay?

Yes, all iOS devices equipped with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor like the iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 support Apple Pay, however, this does not mean they support in-store payments. Only iOS devices with a NFC chip can be used to make in-store payments at Apple Pay terminals. The only Apple two devices with NFC are the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 3 users can only use Apple Pay to make online and in-app purchases on their tablets.

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Touch ID and Apple Pay for iPad Discovered in iOS 8.1 Beta

Developer Hamza Sood claims to have discovered references to a new iPad model with Touch ID and a settings and privacy page for Apple Pay on the iPad in iOS 8 beta 1. Sood posted evidence of his discoveries on Twitter.

Apple Pay iPad

The image above shows an "About Apple Pay & Privacy" page found in the Passbook settings that describes what information Apple collects when you sign up for Apple Pay. Sood's second screenshot posted to Twitter shows a string of code that reads: "Pay with iPad using Touch ID". This doesn't mean the next-generation iPad Air will have NFC like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it just means users will be able to use Apple Pay and Touch ID on their iPad to make in-app purchases or do online shopping.

Apple Announces Apple Pay, New iCloud Prices and iOS 8 Release Date

Apple just didn't announce its new iPhone models and smartwatch on Tuesday, the company also announced its own mobile wallet called Apple Pay, new iCloud storage pricing and that iOS 8 will launch on September 17th.

iCloud Price

Apple Pay will allow iPhone owners to simply tap their device on a payment terminal and use their Touch ID fingerprint sensor as an electronic signature to pay for products at participating retailers such as Starbucks. The advantage of Apple Pay is that no credit card information is stored on Apple's servers and Apple has no interest in tracking your purchases. Merchants will also be blocked from seeing your card numbers and the Find my iPhone feature will allow users to suspend mobile payments if their phone is lost or stolen.

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