Brothers in Arms 2

Review: Brothers in Arms 2 HD for iPad

Brothers in Arms 2 is a First Person Shooter game set during World War II. The game was originally released for the iPhone and has been optimized and punched up for the iPad. You do battle in five different WW2 theaters: Pacific, North Africa, Sicily, Germany and Normandy. If you have ever played the Call of Duty series, BIA is more than just reminiscent of those.

Brother in Arms 2 HD Review

World War II was a horrid event, but it sure does set the stage for some great battlefronts. You are compelled to kill different enemies; but mostly, it is a whole lot of Nazis. I found myself speaking in that weird accent Brad Pitt used in Inglorious Bastards. There aren't many bad guys you won't feel guilty pretending to kill, but the Nazis fit the bill.

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