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It seems pretty likely that the next-generation iPhone will feature a brand new, mini dock connector when it's announced this fall. But what about all the other iOS devices rumored to be launching this year? According to iMore, Apple plans to make the new connector a standard across its entire iOS lineup. Meaning, Apple will announce a new iPhone, the rumored iPad mini, a new iPod nano, a new iPod touch and an updated version of the 9.7-inch iPad at a special event on September 12. Not only does this seem highly unlikely, Zdnet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes points out it's basically impossible.

iPad 3

While it makes sense for Apple to want all its products to feature the same dock connector, it doesn't make sense for the company to refresh all its products at once. Not only is there the obvious reasons, like launching a new iPad six months after the last model was released, there is also the supply chain to consider.

Leaked iPad 3 Parts Reveal Smaller Dock Connector

If the iPad 3 dock connector parts pictured below are real, then the next generation tablet will feature a slimmer, smaller connector. Although the parts have the same 30-pin configuration, the form factor is streamlined and would result in incompatibilities with current dock connector accessories. The parts were revealed by a Asian supplier website and represent an iPad 3 prototype design.

iPad 3 smaller dock connector

There's no telling if this iPad 3 prototype is the production model, however Macotakara claims the device is ready to be manufactured in January and could be released as early as March 2012. A change in the dock connector size would make the iPad 3 the first mobile device since the 2003 iPod not to use Apple's standard size cables.

iPad Dock Connector to USB Cable

The iPad Dock Connector to USB Cable makes it possible to connect the iPad to your computer. When the iPad is connected content can be synced from the computer and the internal battery will charge via your computer's USB port. The Dock Connector to USB Cable comes included with the iPad, and additional cables are available for $19.

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