Fleksy Teams up with Riffsy GIF Keyboard, Goes Free for One Week

Third-party keyboard developer Fleksy has teamed up with Riffsy to add thousands of better quality GIFs to its app for iOS devices. The app has not only been rebranded Fleksy + GiF Keyboard, but it has also received some updates, stability improvements and various bug fixes.

Fleksy Version 5.4

Version 5.4 of the app features "bigger, better quality GIFs," "all the best reaction GIFs," and the ability to view trending GIFs and easily add them to your favorites. Fleksy has also improved its auto correct for all languages, added more accented characters, and now offers one-handed mode support for all devices.

Swype and Swiftkey Keyboard Apps Are Coming to iOS

iOS users who are not interested in Apple's new sentence finishing QuickType keyboard will be happy to know that there will be many other alternatives when iOS 8 launches this fall. Apple has opened the door for popular Android apps such as Swype and Swiftkey to join the iOS ecosystem by allowing users to download third-party keyboard apps from the App Store. Both Swype and Swiftkey have already released statements to Re/code announcing their plans to release versions of their products to iOS.

Flesky iOS 8

“I think it’s obviously a wonderful day for anyone who wants to be productive and use iOS devices,” said Joe Braidwood, chief marketing officer for SwiftKey.

Aaron Sheedy, vice president of product marketing at Swype said he "couldn’t be more excited" to bring his keyboard to iOS users.

Fleksy iOS Keyboard Version 3.1 Brings UI Redesign and Other Improvments

The popular alternative keyboard for iOS devices known as Fleksy has received a "major update with an all-new look and feel". According to the official changelog, the "redesign is meant to expose functionality and create a better user experience that complements the increased availability of Fleksy in other apps".

Fleksy iOS Keyboard Version 3.1

The app has also received six new UI themes, a new tutorial, a new feedback/support section, and bug fixes plus other performance improvements. Fleksy is available for free on the Apple App Store. It is compatible with all devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

Fleksy Aims to Improve Your iOS Keyboard Experience

The stock iOS keyboard has come a long way since the original iPhone launched in 2007. Apple's constant improvements, such as adding a cut and paste option, has all but eliminated the need for any third-party options. But a San Francisco-based company wants to change all that. Fleksy founder Ioannis Verdelis sat down with The Verge to explain why his keyboard should be the go to option for iOS app developers.

Flesky Keyboard

The company has begun rolling out a developer's kit that allows app creators to insert the Fleksy keyboard into their code. Fleksy's creators claim that the keyboard is so easy to use, that users will be able to type without looking at their devices, just like when working on a traditional QWERTY keyboard. The software uses gesture and touch typing to improve writing on mobile devices. For example, users can use swiping and sliding gestures to create spaces between words, and have the keyboard auto complete words before they are finished typing.

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