Why I have a love / hate relationship with Flipboard


Third party apps basically serve one purpose for me on all of my iOS devices -- they are a way to kill time while I wait. That's why I love Flipboard. It is the perfect app for wasting time in waiting rooms, while I wait for a train, or during long commercial breaks that I can't fast forward through. Facebook and Twitter rely too heavily on people to create content, and watching YouTube videos is not a great way to pass the time while in public. Unfortunately the reddit AMA app came after AMAs became a sea of celebrities promoting upcoming television shows and movies making the entire thing a total bore.


Four Tips to Get the Most Out of Flipboard

Flipboard is a great way to get your daily news and social-network updates in the same place. The iOS app features an easy to use aggregated magazine-format that keeps you updated on a plethora of topics. The app also offers the ability to easily share news stories, videos and images, and it allows users to create their own collections of content to read later. Here's how to get the most out of Flipboard on your iOS device:

Flipboard Tips

Create your own "Magazine"

Flipboard version 2.0 added the ability to create "Magazines". Magazines are just a folder where you can store your favorite articles under your own created categories. To create a "Magazine," just tap the + button at the bottom of any article and then tap the blank "Create Magazine" box. You can then add your own Magazine title, description, category and choose to share it with your friends or to keep it private. This is a great tool for saving articles that you want to read later.

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