General iPad Questions

How do I transfer my account/content from my old iPad to my new iPad?

People tend not to upgrade their iPad as much as there iPhone, so you may have forgotten or never have transferred your Apple ID from an older model to new model. Luckily transferring all you information like downloaded apps to your new iPad is a simple as creating a backup on your computer or iCloud. You do not need to connect your two iPad models using any cables, just connect your old iPad to your Mac or PC and create a backup. You can then begin the registration process on your new iPad and select Restore from Backup option when prompted.

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Can I stream a movie / television show from my iPad to my TV?

You can wirelessly stream any content from your iPad to a television set using an Apple TV and AirPlay, or other devices such as Chromecast.

You can connect your iPad to your Apple TV by swiping up on your Home screen to open Control Center. From here tap the AirPlay icon and then select the Apple TV option to pair the two devices. The AirPlay icon will only appear in your Control Center when you're near an AirPlay-connected device.

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Why is there a crescent moon on my iPad status bar?

A crescent moon in your iPad / iPhone status bar means you have the Do Not Disturb mode enabled. To turn this off navigate to Settings > Do Not Disturb and tap either the Manual or Scheduled slider so it is OFF/WHITE.

If the Manual slider is green, this means Do Not Disturb mode is permanently on.

If the Scheduled slider is green, this means Do Not Disturb mode will only be enabled during the times listed.

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What is Apple's return policy for the iPad?

Apple's official Return Policy for all iOS devices reads: "You may return your undamaged iPad / iPhone with its included accessories within 14 days of purchase for a full refund."

You must return your device with the original receipt (or gift receipt) and original packaging. Customers who return their iPad / iPhone within the two-week time frame will receive an exchange or full refund "based upon the original payment method."

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How can I rename my iPad?

You can rename your iPad, iPhone or iPod by navigating to Settings > General > About. Tap the first line that reads "Name" to open the on-screen keyboard. You can then enter any name you want. Tap Done when you're finished.

You can also use your computer by connecting your device and opening iTunes. Click the Device button in the upper right corner, and double tap the Name line next to the picture of your device. Enter your new name and hit the Return to key when you are finished. Sync your device by tapping the Sync button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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Why won't my iPad turn off and/or turn on?

If you've found your iPad refusing to turn off, endlessly spinning the progress wheel, or worse, refusing to turn on, offering nothing but a dead black screen despite the fact that you know it's fully charged -- don't lose it just yet. Your iPad may be fine, and just have had iOS or an iOS application crash.

Before rushing to the Apple store with your iPad, try holding the home and sleep buttons together to restart/reboot your iPad. Be sure to hold the two for at least 10 seconds, perhaps longer.

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How can I get more home screens / app pages on my iPad?

You can't. For the time being (as of iOS 4), 11 pages is the maximum number of home screens / application screens allowed on the iPad.

If you find yourself running out of room, chances are you can solve your space problems by creating application folders to store multiple apps in.

If folders simply won't do it, there are jailbreak tweaks available that will allow you to bypass Apple's limit of 11 screens.

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