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iPad Likely to Launch with Missing Apps

There have been suspicions floating around since the Apple keynote address introducing the iPad about whether or not the iPad will be "missing" key iPhone applications such as stocks, weather, and more. These suspicions were a direct result of the images of the iPad shown during the keynote (and subsequently on Apple's iPad gallery pages) depicting a limited set of applications on the iPad. Users around the web, including here in our iPad forums wondered whether the missing apps would fail to make it onto the iPad for launch. However unlikely it seemed at the time, it is seeming ever more likely now.

ipad home screen's Brian X. took note recently that Apple's iPad press release specifically states that "12 new innovative apps designed especially for the iPad". A simple look at the image Apple has provided of the iPad's home screen (shown above) reveals

What is the name of the song in the first iPad commercial?

Apple debuted its first iPad commercial at this year's Oscars, and the buzz has left several of you trying to identify the name of the song from the iPad commercial, and the band behind it.

The song is "There Goes My Love" by Denmark guitar-rock band The Blue Van.

Visit wikipedia for more info on The Blue Van.

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First iPad Commercial Debuts at Oscars

In typical Apple (AAPL) form, Jobs & Co. took advantage of the 2010 Oscars to unveil the first iPad television commercial. Apple has aired iPhone commercials during the Oscars at the past, and has debuted products using high-profile television spots before. Many bloggers had predicted an iPad spot during the Oscars.

The television spot was relatively simple, running only 30-seconds and featuring a barrage of

When will the iPad be available internationally (outside the US)?

Though the Apple iPad will be available to US customers come April 3rd, 2010, those outside the US will have to wait a bit longer.

Though no specific date is announced yet, Apple indicated in a March 5th, 2010 announcement that the iPad will be available first in the following countries:


come "late April". Pricing details are still yet to be released.

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iPad Release and Pre-Order Dates Announced

Finally all the speculation and rumors about delays, release dates, and pre-order scenarios can be put to rest. Today, Apple announced release date information for the WiFi only iPad models as well as pre-order dates for both the WiFi and WiFi + 3G iPad models. Though the iPad is hitting shelves a week or so later than anticipated, the announcement puts to rest concerns about major delays and supply shortages that originated from analyst rumors circulated earlier this week.

ipad release date announced

The WiFi only iPad models will be available to customers on

Does the iPad support multiple users?

Another one of the most common questions popping up pre-release for the Apple iPad, is whether or not the iPad features multi-user support.

For those of you who envision a household iPad with support for multiple users and user profiles, the likely (though not definite) result will be some disappointment.

Though nothing will be confirmed until the iPad is released, there has been no mention of multi-user support and no evidence of support for multiple users in the iPhone 3.2 SDK (which the iPad will run at the time of its release).

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Survey: iPad Demand Beats Original iPhone

Apple may have another winner on its hands. According to a survey of 3,200 consumers 13 percent of respondents declared they were somewhat or very likely to purchase an iPad. A similar survey regarding the original iPhone in 2007 found that only 9 percent gave the same answer.

The main reason more people are interested in the iPad has to do with its lower starting price of $499. Almost a third of survey-takers in 2007 thought the iPhone price was too high. Similar negative responses about iPad pricing only comprised 8 percent.

Why can't I pre-order the iPad at this time?

Pre-ordering for the Apple iPad is available as of March 12th, 2010.

For full details and answers to frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) about the iPad pre-ordering process, please visit our article entitled iPad Pre-Ordering: Important Details.

A lot of users are confused as to why Apple has not yet started offering pre-ordering for the Apple iPad, with release of the WiFi-only versions coming next month.
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Can I use the iPad on Verizon?

UPDATE: The iPad 2 will be produced in a CDMA version compatible with the Verizon Wireless network. This model hits stores on March 11, 2011.

UPDATE Jan 11, 2011: Verizon Communications CFO Francis Shammo announced today that Apple will manufacture iPads that will connect directly to the Verizon network. Recently the company has been offering Wi-Fi iPads in promotional bundles with MiFi portable hotspot units.

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