General iPad Questions

How can I pre-order / reserve an iPad?

UPDATE: Click here for iPad Air 2 pre-order info.

UPDATE: International (non-US) customers can pre-order the iPad beginning May 10, 2010, through Apple's online store.


Both the WiFi-only and WiFi + 3G models of the Apple iPad will be available for pre-order beginning on March 12th, 2010.

Customers who decide to pre-order will be able to

1) have the iPad shipped from Apple's online store
2) reserve the iPad for pickup at their local Apple store

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No contract required for Apple iPad?

No contract required. Apple will release iPad models that are Wi-Fi only, but if you want 3G service using a cellular network, AT&T has your data plan.

The company is offering iPad owners 250 MB of data for $14.99 per month. Unlimited data will be offered for $29.99 per month. Everything gets activated and pre-paid right on the iPad. No contract means you can cancel anytime.

Free use of any AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot is included with both data plans. Apple is working on securing similar wireless data plans for countries outside the US.

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Does the iPad support multitasking?

Though there's been no official word from Apple on this, the general consensus is that no, the iPad -- like the iPhone -- cannot handle multitasking.

The reason for this consensus is that the assumption is being made that if the iPad did provide multitasking capability, the lack of which the iPhone has taken considerable criticism for, Apple and Steve Jobs would have made a point of noting the multitasking ability of the iPad.

Since no such mention was made, the safe assumption (for now) is that the iPad can only run one application at a time.

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