iUsers Lets You Share Your iPad With Multiple User Profiles [Video]

Tired of your kids mucking up your iPad with useless junk like Angry Birds? Want to keep your iPad separate from your wife but can only afford one? A new mod called iUsers looks to solve your problems by offering multiple user accounts for the iPad.

Just like your home computer, the new iPad tweak allows you to create multiple user profiles to keep your information separate. This is a great tool for families who need to share their device. Dad doesn't have to worry about losing important information, and kids can set their own game scores by keeping them divided.

iPad Hacked to Run New Operating System

Well it's the moment you might have been waiting for... an intrepid programmer has hacked the open-source Chrome based operating system Chromium to run on an iPad. That's right, no iOS 3.2.2 firmware here. This appears to be the first time the iPad has been hacked to run an entirely new operating system.

Apple iPad Hacked for new OS

Hexxeh posted a photo and video of his hybrid creation on the web. Chrome OS and iOS 4.2 are sure to battle in the coming months when both are released to the public. Apple headquarters must be horrified that Hexxeh has created a working version of the iPad running Google's competing OS.

DIY: Connect Your iPad to Verizon Wireless

Looking for a faster connection? AT&T on the iPad got you down? All you need is an expendable Verizon Wireless MiFi and some electronics know-how to mod your iPad. You can kiss your warranty goodbye but in exchange your iPad will achieve download speeds six times faster than 3G and act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices.

Apple iPad Verizon Wireless

The modified iPad featured in this Dish Network Blog actually connects to the Verizon network via the MiFi's Wi-Fi signal, not by accessing the cellular data network directly. The MiFi internals are mounted inside the iPad frame, although this required removal of half the speaker resonating chamber.

Apple iPad 3G Hacker Arrested

One member of the Goatse Security group that revealed an AT&T iPad 3G security breach has been detained after the FBI conducted a search of his property. The "computer security researcher" known as Weev was arrested in Arkansas for possession of LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and a bunch of pills.

Apple iPad 3G Hacker Arrested Mugshot

AT&T has accused the group of compromising its network and maliciously attacking its servers to steal data relating to 114,000 iPad 3G user accounts. Goatse Security claims it's providing a public service by exposing security holes, but the group has been under investigation by the FBI after pulling data from AT&T servers and reporting the story to the media.

AT&T's iPad 3G Security Breach: What it Means to You

If you haven't already heard about the massive iPad security breach that was revealed late last week in an exclusive report by Gawker.com, here's the lowdown: an online security group exploited a vulnerability in AT&T's 3G network and through doing so gained access to at least 114,000 e-mail addresses and ICC IDs (integrated circuit card identifier), a digital identifier that associates SIM cards with the device they represent on AT&T's network. Topping the list of the 114,000 iPad 3G owners that were revealed to have been compromised were powerful CEOs, military personnel, political figures, entertainment personalities and more.

iPad 3G AT&T security breach
Seen above: The list of 114,000 email addresses leaked via the AT&T breach, printed out by Gawker.com.
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