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Is AT&T's 250MB iPad 3G Plan for you? Probably not.

Your iPad Wi-Fi + 3G came yesterday and you're thinking 250MB sounds pretty good for $14.99. Problem is we're talking about 30 days. The other problem is, whether you like the title or not, you are an early adopter. A technophile. Gadget-prone and Internet savvy. You pre-ordered an iPad, after all.

Apple iPad 3G ATT Carrier

Breaking down 250MB is pretty simple. It's not a lot of data. Not anymore, at least. 174 floppy disks sounds like plenty of space, until you compute that it only fills up 38% of a 74 minute CD-R. In the interest of science, I've averaged my iPhone data usage over the recent months in anticipation of the iPad 3G.

Spirit Jailbreak Works on iPad 3G, Release Coming Soon (Video)

As we reported way back on April 4, less than 24 hours after the release of the iPad WiFi-only model, @comex's "Spirit" jailbreak was demonstrated successfully jailbreaking the iPad WiFi by The iPhone Dev Team's musclenerd. Unsurprisingly, due to the fact that the iPad 3G runs the same OS as the iPad WiFi, the Spirit jailbreak has now been demonstrated jailbreaking the iPad 3G. Watch the video below to see the demo.

ipad 3g spirit jailbreak

The iPad and iPhone community is expecting the Spirit jailbreak to be released by its creator, @comex, relatively soon. The iPhone Dev Team recently confirmed on their blog that the release of Spirit would happen after the iPad 3G was "in customers' hands", though exactly how soon after remains unknown.

AT&T Details iPad Wi-Fi + 3G Data Plans

AT&T Wireless, the official US carrier for Apple's 3G-compatible iPad, has released further details on how the data plan will work. The iPad Wi-Fi + 3G arrives in stores Friday, April 30 at 5 pm. No contract is required for 3G data usage and the plan can be activated directly from the iPad.

Apple iPad 3G ATT Carrier

AT&T will automatically renew the plan every 30 days by charging the user's credit card unless the plan is dropped. Two plans are available, a limited 250MB plan and an unlimited version. The data plan expires 30 days from the time of purchase or when the bandwidth limit is exceeded.

iPad at Best Buy on April 3rd, 3G iPad May Demo Early

Reports indicate that mega-retailer Best Buy has begun training employees for the April 3rd launch of the Apple iPad. Although it was noted some time ago that Best Buy would be carrying the Apple iPad, since then reports have been conflicting regarding whether the iPad would be at Best Buy on launch day or if the non-Apple store retailers would have to wait until after the initial launch period to begin selling the long-awaited tablet.

ipad best buy april 3

Best Buy has announced that it has no plans to open stores early on April 3rd, as it expects that doing so would result in additional expenses with comparably little financial benefit. Display and promotional materials for the iPad are expected to arrive at Best Buy locations early next week.


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