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Belkin Announces New iPad Air Keyboard and Case Lineup

Accessory maker Belkin has announced its new lineup of iPad keyboard cases, covers and screen protectors. The lineup includes three new Qode keyboards and 10 unique cases and folios that fit the tablet's new form factor. The updated Qode keyboard cases include the Ultimate Keyboard Case made of "thin and light aircraft-grade aluminum," the protective screen cover and Bluetooth enabled Thin Type Keyboard, and the Slim Style Keyboard Case. Belkin has also updated the Classic Strap Cover, FormFit Cover and other affordable cases to fit the iPad Air.

iPad Air Cases

Belkin's iPad Air accessories will be available in early November. Apple fans who plan to buy the fifth-generation Apple tablet can sign up for email notifications for the new cases at Belkin.com.

The iPad Air will be available on November 1, 2013. The Wi-Fi only models start at $499, and the Wi-Fi + cellular models begin at $629 for the 16GB version.

Apple Allegedly Working on Surface-like Keyboard for iPad 5

Here's one last next-generation iPad rumor to mull over before Apple's official announcement tomorrow. Ex-Apple developer Jamie Ryan published a blog post (via Gizmodo UK) claiming Apple is working on an iPad 5 case that "mimics Microsoft's touch cover." The new cover would be an improvement over Apple's current Bluetooth keyboard, and allow the company to "differentiate the larger iPad" from the iPad mini, according to Ryan.

iPad 5 Keyboard

"Apple already sells a Bluetooth keyboard that functions perfectly with the iPad but it’s not quite as integrated as Microsofts offering, requiring a lot more bag space. This is the primary motivation behind the development, as all of the current solutions are fairly inelegant. Apple realises the market for the large iPad is mainly professionals looking to work on it whereas the iPad mini is mainly content consumption.

Belkin Announces New Express Dock with Built-In 4-foot USB Cable

The Belkin Express Dock for the iPad is now available for purchase. The dock features a 4-foot USB cable and Lightning connector that works with the iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 5, and iPod touch 5th generation. The dock is also equipped with an adjustable dial so it can accommodate "most" iPad cases.

Staples iPad

The built-in 4-foot USB cable allows you to connect the dock to your laptop so you can sync and charge at the same time, or you can connect it to your own power source or wall outlet. The dock also keeps your device in an upright position so you can watch videos, read or surf the web while charging.

Dice+ Now Available for the iPad and Other Bluetooth-powered Devices

Game Technologies has announced today that Dice+ is now available to purchase through its website. The digital game die is capable of interacting with Bluetooth-enabled smart devices which allows users to play a handful of Apple and Android-based board games. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of supported games currently available, but Game Technologies has promised there is a "wide range of titles based on popular franchises" coming soon. Game Technologies has also released a development kit so app developers can create new games for the Dice+ controller.


Wacom Announces 'Professional-Grade' Stylus for iPad Users

Wacom believes it has filled a gap in the very crowded tablet stylus market with the Intuos Creative Stylus and its "realistic pen-on-paper feel". The Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device features 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity which "reproduces the feel and artistic control of traditional brushes and markers," according to the press release. The Creative Stylus is also compatible with Wacom's free Bamboo Paper app, Autodesk SketchBook Pro for iPad, ArtRage by Ambient Design, and ProCreate by Savage Interactive.

Intuos Creative Stylus for the iPad

"It's great to finally see the trusted Wacom Intuos brand enter the creative mobile landscape. We're very excited to announce that ProCreate supports the new Intuos Creative Stylus and we can't wait to see what artists achieve with these two powerful mobile tools", says James Cuda, co-founder of Savage Interactive and developer of ProCreate for iPad.

Apple Begins Trade-In Program For Unsanctioned iPad and iPhone Chargers

Apple has announced a new program in which they will exchange unsanctioned iPad, iPhone, and iPod chargers and third-party adapters for Apple brand versions for a small fee. The program will go into practice later this month, on August 16th, and the swap will cost you a mere $10 USD.

Apple Trades In Knockoff iPad and iPhone Chargers

This trade-in program was prompted by a fear a fear of dangerous shocks that could be caused by a poorly constructed charger or adapter, as a result of the death of a Chinese woman that occurred in Xinjiang last month.

Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater for the iPad 4 Now Available

Accessory maker Belkin announced today that their handheld home theater for the iPad is now available with Lightning I/O. The Thunderstorm made its debut back in January at CES 2013, but it's now compatible with the iPad 4, instead of just the earlier 30-pin Apple tablets. The amplification system is powered by Audifi, and it features an integrated dock connector with front-facing speakers, and integrated air channels for "booming, deep bass that you can actually feel while holding your device."

Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater for iPad 4

The Belkin Thunderstorm features a "comfort-grip" surface, and a lightweight, slim design, which makes it easy to carry and hold while it is in use. Its is also optimally calibrated to deliver great sound effects and music while playing games on your iPad. The Thunderstorm is compatible with the free Thunder app, which gives users extended control of the device.

Griffin's PowerDock 5 Now Available: Organizes and Charges Up To Five iOS Devices at Once

A lot of all-in-one chargers made their debut at CES earlier this year, but Griffin Techonology's PowerDock 5 made the biggest impression on iOS users. The space-saving charging station can safely charge up to five devices at once, while helping keep homes and small offices clutter free. The PowerDock's individual charging bays are big enough to hold any iOS device and can accommodate almost any iOS case.

Griffin iOS Charger

The entire PowerDock 5 charging station only occupies as much room as a single iPad, and it can also charge any USB-chargeable device, not just Apple products. This makes it a great accessory for families or small offices who need to charge multiple tablets or smartphones at the same time.

iPad Square Stand Headed to Apple Retail Stores

Square's cash register-like iPad stand is scheduled to start shipping from squareup.com on July 8th, and will land at Apple retail stores on July 9th. The Square Stand which was introduced in May, will also be available at Best Buy and other retailers after its launch.

Square Stand

The iPad stand works in tandem with the Square Register app so small businesses can accept mobile payments. It also allows the iPad to connect to additional accessories like a receipt printer, and can be easily mounted to a countertop to create a cash register-like feel.

SkyView Travel Mount Gives You Hands Free Access to Your Mobile Device on Long Flights

Griffin Technologies has just made traveling long distances even more bearable thanks to its SkyView travel tray mount for mobile devices. The SkyView clips into the latch of most seat-back tray tables so you don't have to hold your smartphone or e-reader on long trips. The mount also works as a stand on your tray table, and is compatible with most mobile compact devices thanks to its adjustable cradle grips. The SkyView can be used on airplanes, trains or buses, as long as they provide personal tray tables for passengers.

Skyview Travel Tray

The SkyView supports all of Apple's smartphones and the iPad mini. It can also hold compact e-readers and Samsung smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to support larger tablets like the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can see a list of compatible devices here.


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