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New iPad Keyboard + Case Combo is Thinnest Ever

Having a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad can be great. Using one that is light, slim and protects the iPad in transit is even better. ZAGG impresses again with their latest iPad keyboard case, the ZAGGkeys PRO. Building upon the success of the original ZAGGmate, the latest keyboard cases are designed to seamlessly match Apple's tablet form factor.

ZAGGkeys PROplus iPad

Built for the iPad 2 and new iPad (3rd generation), the ZAGGkeys PRO features a thin profile only 0.24 inches deep. Constructed of aluminum, when not in use the case magnetically attaches to the iPad protecting the glass screen from damage in transit. Besides weighing less than a pound, the ZAGGkeys case matches the look and style of the iPad, and holds the display up in portrait or landscape mode.

Logitech Announces Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the White iPad

Logitech has finally released a white version of the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad. Just like the black version, the white version acts like a cover for your iPad when closed, and allows you to easily type memos or emails by auto-waking the tablet when opened. The Bluetooth keyboard easily attaches to your iPad via a magnetic clip, and features 6-months of battery life on a full charge (based on an average use of 2 hours per day).

iPad Accessories

TiVo Stream Lets You Watch TV on Your iPad

You can now catch up on all the saved programming sitting on your DVR by streaming your favorite TV shows to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. TiVo Stream allows you to beam high-definition quality content to up to four devices in your home. This way you can watch TV while you make breakfast, go to the bathroom or brush your teeth. TiVo Stream also allows you to take your shows on the road, and turns your iPad into a TV by giving you the ability to view the guide, record a show or watch it live.

iPad Accessories

Behold the Ultimate iPad Typewriter Accessory

Sure we've seen USB Typewriters before, but an iPad accessory that uses the capacitive touch screen? Behold the iTypewriter, a project by Austin Yang that actually uses mechanical keys to smack the iPad.

iTypewriter iPad accessory

This is quite a departure from lightweight, portable Bluetooth iPad keyboards. In fact, iTypewriter requires no additional batteries or cables. It just gives you massive haptic feedback and replaces your finger on the iPad glass.

Your iPad Accessories Are Safe... For Now!

It seems pretty likely that the next-generation iPhone will feature a brand new, mini dock connector when it's announced this fall. But what about all the other iOS devices rumored to be launching this year? According to iMore, Apple plans to make the new connector a standard across its entire iOS lineup. Meaning, Apple will announce a new iPhone, the rumored iPad mini, a new iPod nano, a new iPod touch and an updated version of the 9.7-inch iPad at a special event on September 12. Not only does this seem highly unlikely, Zdnet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes points out it's basically impossible.

iPad 3

While it makes sense for Apple to want all its products to feature the same dock connector, it doesn't make sense for the company to refresh all its products at once. Not only is there the obvious reasons, like launching a new iPad six months after the last model was released, there is also the supply chain to consider.

Versatile iPad Case Makes Brushing Your Teeth More Entertaining

Watching the promo video might be slow torture, but the R Case for the new iPad is an interesting accessory. The case is a simple rear skin with two rubber rails which prevents the iPad from slipping off surfaces, and makes it easier to hold with one hand. The rubber rails can also support a bracket for adding many useful accessories. There is a suction-cup for sticking your iPad almost anywhere, or you can add a VESA-compatible mount, which adds a lot more options.

iPad Accessories

The video below shows a lot of interesting ways you can use the R Case, like sticking your iPad to your bathroom mirror while brushing your teeth. I suggest skipping to the 1:30 mark so you don't have to listen to the usual the "iPad is annoying to hold" spiel.

Padcaster iPad Case Transforms Your Tablet into a Mobile Production Studio

The Padcaster iPad case aims to transform your iPad into a mobile film studio by allowing you to easily mount your device to a tripod. Geared towards video journalists, videographers and DSLR users, the case features a variety of ways to attach external microphones, lights and other camera accessories. The tripod mount offers a handsfree experience while shooting video, storyboarding and editing.

iPad Accessories

The aluminum frame is lined with threaded holes for attaching accessories, and it features a urethane insert that snugly secures the iPad in the case. When paired with the Lenscaster accessory, videographers can attach additional lenses to give them more control over the focus, or help create a wider field of view for a more film-like shooting experience. The Padcaster can also be used as a standalone DSLR cage.

Sanho Introduces New Battery Charger for Two iPad Homes

Sanho has announced a new iPad charger for charging multiple iPads at the same time.

The company claims that the HyperJuice Plug is "the world's first 15,600mAh portable battery pack that can charge two iPads simultaneously." The iPad charger features two high powered USB ports and a retractable wall plug for easy recharging. There is also a smaller 10,400mAh HyperJuice Plug available.

iPad Accesories

"HyperJuice Plug's innovation lies in its ability to actively distribute its 15W power across both USB ports, always delivering the maximum required charging power to connected USB devices," claims Daniel Chin, President of Sanho Corporation and inventor of the HyperJuice Plug.

Smart Case: Apple Now Offers Full iPad Protection

Most iPad fans are familiar with Apple's Smart Cover. Now the company has improved upon its initial offering by adding protection for the iPad back with the Smart Case. This accessory fully covers the entire body of the iPad as well as providing a familiar Smart Cover for the display.

Apple Smart Case iPad 2 iPad 3

Unlike the Smart Cover, Apple's Smart Cases are only offered in polyurethane, with six colors to choose from including black, blue, green, grey, pink, or red. Apple is also offering free laser engraving for the back of the Smart Cover, to personalize the accessory. This is a great alternative for those who were reluctant to laser engrave the aluminum back of the iPad.

Solar Bluetooth Keyboard is the Perfect iPad Companion

Logitech has made its popular Wireless Solar Keyboard more portable, and added more features with the K760. So far, the world has seen a lot of iPad keyboard cases and slim Bluetooth solutions for typing on the iPad without using the included iOS touch screen keys.

Logitech solar bluetooth

Logitech brings things a step further with the K760, allowing up to three Bluetooth devices to be paired with the keyboard effortlessly. Switch between devices with the touch of a button, whether you want to type on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


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