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Samson Carbon 49 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller Completes Your iPad Band

There are a lot of apps and accessories that transform your iPad into a variety of musical instruments. The latest from Samson is the Carbon 49 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller. The Carbon 49 connects to your iPad through your camera connection kit, and features an integrated iPad stand. It's compatible with any MIDI-compatible app, and offers 49 velocity-sensitive keys for a real keyboard feel.

iPad Accessories

Its compact design and ability to be directly powered by the iPad makes it the perfect accessory for your live band. The Carbon 49 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller is only $89. Read on for a complete list of features.

Midway Arcade Games Now Compatible With iCade

Retro gaming fans will be happy to know that 12 Midway titles have been added to iCade's rapidly growing list of games. Version 1.0.1 of the Midway Arcade app brings a few bug fixes and full iCade support.

Midway iOS Games

iCade is a retro-styled tabletop cabinet that transforms your iPad into a mini arcade console. It's compatible with the Atari App, which includes 100 classic Atari games, and other iOS iCade compatible titles. The iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet is $99 from ThinkGeek. It includes a retro arcade joystick, eight buttons, and the Atari App with a free copy of Missile Command. Additional Atari games are $1 or $14.99 for all 100 games.

NoteBookCase Transforms Your iPad Into a MacBook Air

The Japanese retailer Rakuten is offering a nifty iPad case that basically transforms your tablet into a MacBook Air. The NoteBookCase for the iPad 2 features a built-in Lithium-polymer battery, USB port, mini USB port, and Bluetooth for the keyboard.

iPad Accessories

The USB ports allow you to charge the case while charging your iPad, or any other USB powered device. The iPad case should also be compatible with the new iPad since it's not much thicker than the iPad 2. The NoteBookCase is currently only available through Rakuten's Japanese website, but it could make its way to their U.S. based website Buy.com.

LaunchPort Brings Wireless Charging to iPad 2

Less cables and more convenience is on its way to the iPad 2 thanks to a new charging and mounting solution from LaunchPort. The PowerShuttle comes in black and white to match the iPad 2, as serves as an exterior case. The magic happens when the PowerShuttle is coupled with a charging station.

Launchport wireless iPad charging

Two different stations are available, the WallStation and a BaseStation. These are magnetic iPad 2 mounts that connect wirelessly to the PowerShuttle, mounting the tablet. Not only this, but the device begins to charge immediately when it's magnetically attached to the station.

Virtual Laser Keyboard Arrives for iPad

The magical device pictured below may not look much like a Bluetooth iPad keyboard. In fact, this three-inch high little accessory projects a virtual laser keyboard onto any flat surface in its path. An optical sensor recognizes keystrokes in three dimensions, making the Magic Cube the ultimate portable keyboard from the future.

Magic Cube Virtual Laser Keyboard iPad

That is, of course, if it actually works. Preliminary reviews of a similar device, the Celluon Prodigy were not so flattering at CES. The Prodigy does have a much different design, being built into the side of an iPhone case.

iPad Case Manufacturers Already Selling iPad 2S Cases

Next generation iPad cases have already begun popping up in China. The latest comes from the case manufacturer Chinee, who claims Apple will release a slightly thicker iPad, possibly called the iPad 2S, sometime this year.

iPad 3 Cases

Case manufacturers have already led us astray with the iPhone 5, and now they're starting to contradict each other when it comes to the next generation iPad. An unnamed iPad case designer recently told Cult of Mac that the iPad 3 would be thinner, not thicker. However, Chinee claims to have inside information from sources within Apple’s supply chain. If Chinee is correct, the new iPad will be 1mm thicker than the iPad 2.

More CES iPad Accessories: Targus iNotebook and Many Multi-Docks

There are a lot of iOS accessories being shown off at CES in Las Vegas this week. Several multi-docs have been showcased including XtremeMac's new InCharge lineup. The only difference between the InCharge Duo Plus, InCharge X3, and InCharge X5 are the prices and how many devices each multi-dock holds. The $100 X3 holds three devices and the $150 X5 holds five. Pricing for the Duo Plus hasn't been announced. All three multi-docks feature an LED status indicator, rubber feet, case-friendly charging cradles, and are 10 watts per dock.

iPad Accessories

Another interesting iPad accessory is the Targus iNotebook. It allows you to wirelessly transfer what you write on paper to your iPad. The Bluetooth-enabled iNotebook communicates with a special pen that doubles as a stylus which can also write directly on the iPad without scratching it. The iNotebook ships with a replaceable 9 ½ x 7 ½ notepad and leather portfolio case. There is also a free iNotebook app available in the iTunes App Store. The app allows notes to be saved to iCloud so you can transfer them to other devices later. It also offers Facebook and Twitter integration for sharing notes socially.

ION Audio Apprentice Turns Your iPad Into a Miniature Guitar

The ION Guitar Apprentice is basically an iPad case that turns your device into a miniature guitar. The wireless controller and free app offers an easy way for iPad owners to learn how to play the instrument. The built-in speaker with volume control allows you to play anywhere, or you can plug directly into the iPad headphone input for privacy.

iPad Accessories

Guitar Apprentice is compatible with GarageBand and a dozen other popular iPad apps. It features a full-scale guitar body with strap pegs, fitted iPad holder with 30-pin dock connector, lighted fretboard and free guitar-teaching app. The app includes built-in effects like distortion, reverb and flanger delay.

TouchFire iPad Keyboard Enhances Virtual Keys

Next on the list of great ideas is the TouchFire screen-top keyboard, a new iPad accessory that provides tactile keys without extra bulk. In fact, an external keyboard isn't needed, because the TouchFire simply overlays the iPad virtual keyboard right on the glass display.

TouchFire iPad tactile keyboard

The silicone keypad is designed to fit perfectly on a horizontal iPad in typing mode. A non-slip surface on the bottom keeps TouchFire in place, and with the iPad 2 there are strategically placed magnets to anchor the keypad. The idea is to provide a typing experience closer to a traditional keyboard while using the on-screen virtual iPad keys.

Pong iPad Case Diverts Radiation and Improves 3G

Ever worry that your iPad is bombarding you with radiation when connected to a 3G mobile data signal? We're used to hearing about SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) when it comes to mobile phones, however tablets are also regulated by FCC limits. Pong Research has experience developing smartphone cases that divert potentially harmful energy away from the user's body.

Pong iPad Case 3G boost

Now they have launched the Pong iPad and iPad 2 case, to provide the same antenna technology to tablet users. The Pong case diverts radiation away from the user, reducing the SAR by up to 82 percent of FCC limits. The case also provides enhanced 3G connection performance.


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