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Apple Digital AV Adapter

Apple offers the Digital AV Adapter, which connects to an external TV or projector with an HDMI cable. Video mirroring is integrated into the iPad 2, sending whatever appears on the screen to the external device in 1080p HD video. A separate port on the same cable connects to a 30-pin Apple connector, allowing sync or charging while connected to HDMI. The Digital AV Adapter will be available for $39 from Apple.

iPad 2 Cases Confirm Thinner Profile, Camera

More leaked iPad 2 cases have arrived that confirm the next generation tablet will have a slimmer form factor. Various openings on the cases also show a rear-facing camera and other mysterious ports.

Apple iPad 2 cases thin profile

9to5 Mac got their hands on a silicone shell case, and they describe it as "crazy thin". Pictured here, the case features a hole slightly larger than an iPhone 4 camera on the back. Most observers expect the iPad 2 to launch with front and rear facing cameras and FaceTime.

Review: Mivizu Primo Leather Case for iPad

The Mivizu Primo Leather folio case for iPad has a compact, stylish design that protects the tablet without a whole lot of extra bulk. The first thing we noticed after opening the Primo Leather was soft, textured black leather and high-contrast white stitching. The front panel of this case is firm to protect the screen, but still flexible.

Apple iPad Accessory Mivizu Primo Leather Case Photo 1

The folio opens much like a leather-bound book, with a strong magnetic clasp. This clasp provides security while remaining easy to open and close. Thanks to the slim profile of the Primo Leather there's not much inside the case besides a slot for the iPad itself.

Review: Acme Made Slick Case for iPad

Acme Made offers the Slick Case for iPad, designed for complete protection when transporting or using your Apple tablet. The case comes in matte black or gloss white for $39.99. Here we take a closer look at the white version, which does indeed have a sharp-looking glossy finish. Dual zippers wrap around three sides of the case for easy access.

Apple iPad Accessory Acme Made Slick Case Photo 1

The zippers themselves are compact, but have plastic covers that make them easy to pull. The packaging describes Acme Made's exclusive StretchShell neoprene which gives the exterior of the Slick Case liquid and stain resistant qualities. All it took was a damp cloth or paper towel for dirt and water droplets to wipe off and the white, glossy StretchShell looked like new.

Retro iPad Arcade Cabinet to Become Reality

Are you a fan of classic arcade games? ThinkGeek fooled everyone last April with their mock-up of the iCADE retro iPad gaming cabinet, complete with a quarter slot and Donkey Kong. Turns out that Ion Audio is partnering with Atari and ThinkGeek to offer the real thing for $99.

Apple iPad iCade ThinkGeek Bluetooth retro gaming cabinet

A great-looking Bluetooth tabletop arcade cabinet, the iCADE was showcased at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a specially developed iPad version of Asteroids. The top of the unit lifts up and any iPad drops right into the unit. Joystick controls and buttons connect wirelessly to the iPad for a tactile gaming experience.

CES 2011: iPad Gamers Get Real Joystick With Fling

Ten One Design is known for its iPad stylus, the Pogo Sketch. Now they've added a whole new accessory to their arsenal, an actual touch joystick. This simple unit attaches directly to the iPad screen with suction cups.

Apple iPad Accessory Ten One Design Fling touch joystick

You can place the Fling anywhere a directional controller is required, and it instantly makes a physical joystick to enhance iPad gaming. Made of clear plastic, the Fling tactile game controller even comes in discount packages of two.

Review: Padlette Handle Strap for iPad

The Padlette is a simple silicone rubber handle that quickly installs on the iPad and makes it easy to hold with one hand. Padlette comes in seven different colors: black, green, pink, grey, yellow, orange, and glow-in-the-dark blue. Here are photos of the yellow version along with its recycled paper packaging.

Apple iPad Accessory Padlette Grip package

Padlette for iPad

Padlette is a simple silicone rubber strap that slides over two corners of the iPad, creating an elastic handle. Similar to how a painting palette is specially designed, the Padlette makes it possible to easily hold an iPad with one hand.

Padlette can be used to securely tether an iPad to your hand, or the Padlette can be gripped in a variety of different ways with the fingers. The accessory comes in seven different colors and sells for $25.00. Get more information at Padlette.com.

First Look: ZAGGmate Case + Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

UPDATE: The ZAGGmate case/keyboard is also available for the iPad 2.

Although we've been intrigued by the ZAGGmate case and/or case and bluetooth keyboard combo since it was first announced a couple of months ago, we've been a bit lazy getting one into our hands. However, as luck would have it, a ZAGGmate arrived on our doorstep on Christmas Eve. What follows is a brief first look (full review to follow) at the latest iPad accessory from ZAGG, who is most well known for being the creators of the invisibleSHIELD line of screen and body protectors.

zaggmate case and bluetooth keyboard

The thing that initially caught our eye about the ZAGGmate was the design and aesthetics of the case. The most notable thing about the vast majority of iPad cases out there is how un-Apple and un-iPad they are, Apple's official iPad case certainly not excluded. Most cases we've encountered are either made from materials (for reasons specific to their purpose) that preclude them from being considered sleek and elegant or, more commonly, simply fail at efforts to do so -- ending up awkward, bulky or both.


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