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ClayWare Games Pad Bracket

ClayWare Games now sells the Pad Bracket, a specially designed plastic wall mount for the iPad. Simply install with the included screws and wall anchors. The iPad slips in and out of the Pad Bracket with ease, but is securely held just in front of the wall. Use your iPad wall mounted in portrait or landscape mode without blocking any ports or controls.

Pad Bracket sells for $24.95 plus shipping. For more information on the Pad Bracket visit the ClayWare Store.

Review: ClayWare Pad Bracket iPad Wall Mount

The Pad Bracket from ClayWare Games is a simple but useful plastic bracket that easily mounts the iPad to walls. Pad Bracket ships with two screws and matching plastic anchors for use with specific wall types. The product consists of one specially designed unit that is light and sturdy in black plastic with silver screws.

Apple iPad Mount ClayWare Pad Bracket hardware

Installing the Pad Bracket is a snap. All it takes is a screwdriver, however you may want to level out the Pad Bracket after you get one screw fastened. We noticed the silver screws don't match the Pad Bracket, so some people installing the iPad mount might want to pick up different color screws.

Vintcase Vintage iPad Case

Vintcase comes to your iPad from the village of Ubrique, Spain. Handcrafted using the highest quality cowhide, this folding case fastens closed with three turns of a leather cord. Vintcase sports a unique look inspired by the leather-bound diaries explorers have used in the past. The iPad slides into and is framed by the center panel with full access to controls and the dock connector port.

Apple iPad leather case Vintcase

Why the iPad 2 Will Have Two Cameras

Reports surrounding dual camera placement on the iPad 2 have reached a fever pitch. What's clear is that Apple must significantly upgrade the iPad hardware to retain its leading position in the tablet market. Evidence is mounting that front and rear-facing cameras will be integrated into the next-generation device.

Apple iPad 2 Accessory case camera

Several designs for iPad 2 cases have been spotted on Chinese websites. Whether these reflect the final design of iPad 2 remains to be seen, however they include a camera hole in the back of the case. There's also an unexplained gap in the lower right of the case, which some have speculated will accommodate a larger speaker or even an SD card.

ZAGGmate Aluminum iPad Case and Keyboard

ZAGG now offers the iPad ZAGGmate, an aircraft-grade aluminum hard cover protector that comes with or without an integrated Bluetooth keyboard. Packing military grade high-density padding for drop protection and a 510 mAh lithium polymer battery, the ZAGGmate keyboard lasts weeks on one charge. ZAGG designed this case to match the iPad perfectly, and the keyboard model adds only 1/4 inch to the iPad's thickness when closed.

ZAGG Launches ZAGGmate Aluminum iPad Case and Keyboard

ZAGG's latest and greatest iPad accessory the ZAGGmate is now available for pre-order online and will ship on or before December 17th, just in time for the holidays. ZAGGmate was initially released on Black Friday exclusively at select Best Buy stores. ZAGGmate's bead-blasted aircraft-grade aluminum and sleek profile merge perfectly with the iPad.

Apple iPad ZAGG case keyboard ZAGGmate keys

The ZAGGmate comes with or without a keyboard, and packs military grade high-density padding for drop protection when in transit. When equipped with the embedded Bluetooth keyboard, ZAGGmate adds only 1/4 inch to the iPad's thickness when closed. The non-keyboard model is even thinner, adding 1/8 of an inch to the iPad.

ModulR Launches New iPad Case Accessories

The modulR iPad case system has two new additions to make your iPad even more versatile and functional on the go. Two different strap designs are now available for $14.99 each. The nodes on the back of modulR's iPad case make it possible to slide and lock the pressure clips at the end of each strap into different configurations. The first strap was first announced with the original product concept design and is made to sling the iPad over a shoulder.

Apple iPad Accessories modulR hand shoulder straps

The shoulder strap can be set up to hang the iPad over one shoulder like a purse for quick access or flipped behind the back like a messenger bag. Thanks to the adjustable strap and pressure clips the iPad can be hung on the shoulder strap in portrait or landscape orientation.

First Look: ClayWare Pad Bracket iPad Wall Mount

ClayWare Games has launched their Pad Bracket, a simple but useful plastic bracket that instantly mounts the iPad to walls. The product ships with two screws and matching plastic anchors to attach the Pad Bracket in your desired location. The iPad can be placed on the wall in portrait or landscape orientation and all of the buttons and ports are accessible.

Here are some first look photos of the Pad Bracket. We'll be installing and testing the Pad Bracket so keep an eye out for our full review coming soon!

Update: Check out our full review of the ClayWare Games Pad Bracket.

Folio Keyboard Cases Convert iPads into Netbooks

Absolutely must have a keyboard for your iPad? We've explored concepts that make the iPad look like a netbook such as the LapDock and ClamCase. Folio cases have a completely different style and three models are hitting the market within weeks. Pictured here is the PADACS Toccata with a built-in Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard.

Apple iPad Case Folio Keyboard PADACS Toccata

The folio doesn't add to the size of the iPad (except in thickness) and the keyboard lasts 45 hours on one charge. PADACS will ship the Toccata Keyboard at the end of September for an introductory price of $69.95. Toccata is available for pre-order now.

Review: M-Edge Journey Bag for Apple iPad

The M-Edge Journey Bag is a portable, stylish messenger bag specifically designed to transport and protect a bare iPad along with accessories. When closed, the bag is compact and sleek. An external flap covers zippers and connects with a hidden plastic latch in the center of the bag.

Apple iPad M-Edge Journey Bag Review 5

Plastic latches also connect the adjustable strap to the bag. The strap is removable, although there are no handles attached to the bag for carrying without the strap. Opening the flap requires lifting the flap and reaching under to unclip the latch. This looks sleek but the process is slightly more difficult than if the latch was located on top.


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