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modulR iPad Case System: Pricing Announced

ModulR has launched a new website with pre-order and pricing information on their already popular iPad Case and Accessory System. Not only this, but the company has introduced a new option, the Slim Mount.

modulR iPad System Slim Mount

Pictured here, the Slim Mount is a simple wall mount for the iPad that complements the other options in the modulR iPad system. Less expensive and with no moving parts, the Slim Mount is an alternative to the forthcoming Swing Mount that swivels away from the wall. Slim Mount will be available for pre-order in mid-June for $29.

modulR iPad Case System: First Photos Emerge

Since we first posted news about the modulR iPad case and accessory system way back in late March, we've been eagerly awaiting some new info. modulR is a one-of-a-kind iPad accessory that begins as a case but, when paired with modulR accessories, becomes a wall mount, car mount, frame/stand, and pairs with the modulR shoulder strap.

modulR iPad Case and Accessory System 1

Unfortunately, news out of the modulR camp has been sparse. There remains no exact release date for modulR. modulR and its accessories remain slated for availability come "Summer 2010". Additionally, to date, the only pictures of the modulR case system were actually artist renderings, not actual photos of the product in tangible form.

Earlier today, modulR posted the first real-world photos of their product (one of which is shown above) on their TwitPic account. In total, 6 photos were posted, including 3 of the case/system in usage scenarios and 3 close-ups of the case. The rest of the photos follow this article.

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