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Dungeon and Dragons clicker Idle Champions coming to tablets this spring

Codename Entertainment has announced that it is bringing Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms to tablets in the second quarter of this year. Idle Champions is an officially licensed Dungeon & Dragons idle clicker. In the game, players assemble Champions from the D&D universe to team up and go on a variety of quests. The game features deep strategy for a clicker as players must find the right combination of Champions to take down groups of powerful monsters.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery announced for April

Harry Potter: Hogwarts

There are two Harry Potter games planned for iOS devices this year. While we still don't know the release date for Niantic's AR version of the wizarding world, Jam City announced that its Harry Potter RPG will land on the App Store April 25th. Jam City also announced that the game will feature voice work by some of the original actors from the films.

R.B.I. Baseball 18 getting slammed on the App Store

R.B.I. Baseball 18

It takes a bit of know-how to navigate online customer reviews, especially when it comes to video games. You have to read a few comments before you can decide if a game's overall score is warranted. R.B.I. Baseball 18 is currently getting torn apart in the customer review section of the Apple App Store, and everyone seems to agree that the game is a hot mess. Plagued with several issues the game's negative 2.1 rating seems to be well earned. Lots of users are also lamenting the fact they did not listen to the reviews and still purchased the game.

Popular trivia game HQ updated with iPad support

HQ for iPad

The popular app HQ - Live Trivia Game Show has been updated with full-screen iPad support. Previously users had to blow up the iPhone app using the 2x display option to play on their iPad. Like the iPhone version, the game is only available in portrait orientation on the iPad, and it doesn't support side-by-side multitasking, presumably to cut back on cheating.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm GDC 2018 gameplay trailer

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

"Arcadia is in peril. The evil wizard Mesmeroth has returned with a Dark Army."

"To encounter this rising menace, Archimedes, the Grand Regent of Arcadia, has sent three of his royal knights to the land of bird people Owrus to return the Sacred Emblem of Earth to its founding place."

Deep in the jungle Pirta, the three brave Knights of Arcadia have set on an adventure to explore birthplace of the Goddess Neyto herself."

Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition updated with The Crimson Court and The Shieldbreaker DLC

Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition

Red Hook Studios's turn-based RPG for the iPad, Darkest Dungeon, has been updated with The Crimson Court and Shieldbreaker DLC.

The Crimson Court is available for $4.99. It is a parallel campaign with an all-new dungeon, a new hero class, 5 new bosses and 10 new buildings.

The Shieldbreaker is available for only $1.99. It includes a new hero The Shieldbreaker, class-specific loot, 3 new monsters, an a new consumable item Aegis Scale.

DC Unchained open for pre-registration

DC Unchained

Developer 4:33's new superhero brwaler DC Unchained is now open for pre-registration. Players who register early will receive "super-power rewards" including 30 guaranteed Stamina Points, and additional rewards such as 3 Silver Family Card Tickets after 1,000,000 registrations. You can also earn additional rewards for every friend you invite that registers, by sharing videos and following the Facebook page.

App Store Pre-Orders You May Have Missed: Reed ^_^ and more

Reed ^_^

Being able to pre-order games is one of the best new features Apple quietly added to the App Store. Let's look at the latest titles available for pre-order that you may have missed:

Polar Rollout (Free) Physics puzzler where you draw a line for your Roller to crush fishy invaders. You must avoid all kinds of wacky obstacles as you create a path to each portal and defeat piranhas along the way. The game includes 120 levels across 6 uniquely-themed worlds, a variety of playable characters to unlock, and power ups with different abilities. Expected release date: April 18

Here's the trailer:


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