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Leaked iPad 3 Parts Reveal Smaller Dock Connector

If the iPad 3 dock connector parts pictured below are real, then the next generation tablet will feature a slimmer, smaller connector. Although the parts have the same 30-pin configuration, the form factor is streamlined and would result in incompatibilities with current dock connector accessories. The parts were revealed by a Asian supplier website and represent an iPad 3 prototype design.

iPad 3 smaller dock connector

There's no telling if this iPad 3 prototype is the production model, however Macotakara claims the device is ready to be manufactured in January and could be released as early as March 2012. A change in the dock connector size would make the iPad 3 the first mobile device since the 2003 iPod not to use Apple's standard size cables.

No A6 Processor in the Apple iPad 3?

Apple's next-generation A6 mobile processor is sure to pack some impressive specifications, however a new report indicates the chip may not ship with the iPad 3. The upgrade is expected to provide 30 percent more computing power with half the power consumption, all while running at a cooler temperature.

According to the International Business Times, analyst Chris Caso explains that manufacturing of the iPad 3 will begin in the last quarter of 2011, but the A6 processor is not ready for prime time. Apple debuted the current A5 dual-core processor in the iPad 2, and future iPhones are expected to make use of the technology.

Apple Testing HD Retina Displays for iPad 3 Pro

The next iPad could come complete with its own high definition Retina display as Samsung and LG have both allegedly submitted hardware to Apple for testing. According to a report by the Korea Times both companies are vying for iPad business as Apple readies the third generation of its tablet computer.

ipad 3 high resolution screen

Previous reports suggested the iPad 3 could come in two varieties, a standard model and a Pro version which would undoubtedly feature an improved display. Sources at the Korea Times claim the upgraded resolution comes in at 2048 x 1536 pixels, quadruple the screen resolution seen on current iPad models.

Will the Third Generation iPad be the iPad 3D?

A convergence of technologies is bringing 3G imaging to a variety of consumer electronics including digital cameras and HD televisions. In many cases, these new displays don't require any cheesy glasses to render an image with depth. We've already seen researchers use the front camera of the iPad 2 to create a three-dimensional illusion, pictured below.

3D iPad head tracking front camera

They plan to release an app that will showcase this method of displaying 3D, which relies on head tracking software. Other methods of displaying 3D used in some devices rely on specialized displays. According to a recent report featured in PC Magazine, the iPad 3 could be next in line to receive the 3D treatment.

Parts Shortages Reduce iPad 2 Shipping Forecasts

Shipping times for the iPad 2 are down to 1-2 weeks on the Apple Store online. This may better than 4-6 weeks for consumers, however the extended delays experienced since the iPad 2 was launched have caused analysts to reduce their Apple sales forecasts. IHS iSuppli now expects Apple to deliver 39.7 million units including all iPad models in 2011.

iPad 2 short supply

Their previous estimate was over nine percent higher at 43.7 million units. Other analysts aren't as optimistic. JPMorgan and Merrill Lynch both reduced their annual estimates slightly however the forecasts are much lower, coming in at 27.3 million and 26.4 million units respectively.

Toys R Us Retail Stores Now Carry the iPad 2

For those who have complained that the iPad is "just a toy" the latest retailer to carry Apple's tablet will bring a chuckle. Toys R Us has jumped on the bandwagon and now offers the iPad 2 at select stores nationwide, along with iPad cases and accessories. The complete list of Toys R Us stores carrying the iPad 2 is available online, however this is no guarantee that the product will be in stock.

Toys R Us selling iPad 2 retail

Apple still lists a 2-3 week shipping time for the iPad 2 when purchased online in the Apple Store. Toys R Us joins retailers Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target and Walmart along with wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon in offering the tablet computer.

Top 10 iPad 2 Bugs, Problems and Complaints

Millions of iPad 2 units are already in the hands of consumers, and Apple's tablet is set to launch in several additional countries starting tomorrow. As with any product, sometimes users face manufacturing issues or other problems.

iPad 2 slim profile

For the most part, the iPad 2 has received outstanding reviews and demand continues to exceed supply across the country. Some unlucky users have experienced problems, although Apple is quick to respond thanks to the Apple Care warranty included with iPad 2 purchase.

Microphone Quality Differs Between iPad 2 Models

Some iPad owners might not be aware that the original model has a microphone built-in right next to the headphone jack. Both the 3G and Wi-Fi only models have a little mic hole in the same place on the iPad's metal top. Now that the next generation iPad 2 is designed for use with Apple's FaceTime video chat software, the internal microphone is getting some more attention.

iPad 2 mic quality difference Wi-Fi only

Tests have indicated the iPad 2 Wi-Fi only model captures higher quality audio than its 3G-enabled cousins. Pictured above, the two microphones were tested by iLounge in their comprehensive iPad 2 review.

iPad 2 Display Problems Surface, Test Your Screen for Defects

The iPad 2 is in short supply and Apple is shipping tablets as quickly as possible. With hundreds of thousands of units already in the hands of consumers, some unlucky iPad 2 users have experienced problems on the display. Some of these issues have been seen before, such as yellowing while adhesive dries and dead pixels.

backlight bleeding iPad 2 display defect

Pictured above is a new problem reported by some iPad 2 owners experiencing backlight bleeding on the edges of the screen. This photo was posted at iSource, showing a large light bleed from the edge of the LCD panel to the left of the home button. Smaller light leaks can be seen on the left edge of the iPad 2 bezel.

Steve Jobs Reveals Apple iPad 2 Details, March 11 Ship Date

Steve Jobs took the stage at today's Apple event to announce the next generation iPad. The iPad 2 features a 2X faster, power-sipping A5 dual-core processor and up to 9X faster graphics. Front and rear facing cameras for FaceTime video chat are included in a form factor that's 33 percent thinner than the original iPad.

Apple keynote iPad 2 announcement

Weight is reduced as well, with the iPad 2 shaving off 0.2 pounds from its predecessor. The device will ship in two colors, black and white with a metal back. White is pictured above in this photo from Engadget. Models will come in Verizon and AT&T cellular data versions for compatibility with either carrier's wireless technology.


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