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iPad 2 Hardware: New Details Emerge

Apple watchers are expecting Apple to release the iPad 2 this spring, packed with new features and a refined form factor. Aside from various mock-ups of the next generation iPad appearing at CES this year, several recent leaks from industry insiders are painting a more detailed picture of what the iPad 2 hardware will include.

Apple iPad 2 concept model CES 2011

Similar to Apple's improvements to the iPhone 4 with the Retina display, AppleInsider discoveries have been made indicating a quadrupling of screen resolution is in the works for the iPad 2. Thanks to the release of iOS 4.3 beta firmware, developers have found graphics in the iBooks application that have two different resolutions.

Apple Patent Points to Stereo iPad Speakers

Here's a concept that could make its way onto a future Apple tablet: multiple speakers. A patent application revealed by AppleInsider describes several dynamic stereo speakers placed on a mobile device that would adjust sound based on orientation.

Apple iPad patent mobile multi-channel speaker

This would work by using the orientation sensor to adjust signals to speakers when turning your iPad sideways, to continue optimum left/right stereo sound. The design is titled "Audio Channel Assignment for Audio Output in a Movable Device" and would make it possible to hold the iPad in any direction and hear proper stereo sound.

Why the iPad 2 Will Have Two Cameras

Reports surrounding dual camera placement on the iPad 2 have reached a fever pitch. What's clear is that Apple must significantly upgrade the iPad hardware to retain its leading position in the tablet market. Evidence is mounting that front and rear-facing cameras will be integrated into the next-generation device.

Apple iPad 2 Accessory case camera

Several designs for iPad 2 cases have been spotted on Chinese websites. Whether these reflect the final design of iPad 2 remains to be seen, however they include a camera hole in the back of the case. There's also an unexplained gap in the lower right of the case, which some have speculated will accommodate a larger speaker or even an SD card.

Apple Offering Deals on Certified Refurbished iPads

Want to buy an iPad on the cheap? Apple is offering what they call a special limited time price on some certified refurbished iPads purchased through the Apple Store online. All iPad models are represented except the 32GB Wi-Fi only version.

Apple iPad certified refurbished cheap

Savings on these iPads ranges from 7 to 14 percent off the retail price of a brand new iPad. The best deal is $100 off a refurbished 64GB Wi-Fi only iPad, which puts the cost at $599. Availability is limited, however Apple guarantees your product as soon as full payment is received.

Retina Display on iPad 2 Not Likely

Many iPad fans are expecting several hardware upgrades on a next-generation iPad in the spring. Everything from a front facing camera with FaceTime to carbon fiber construction has been discussed, but nobody really knows exactly what Apple has up its sleeve. What's clear is that adding a Retina display to the iPad would be much more difficult than it seems.

Thanks to some calculations by Ryan Block, we can see that a 9.7 inch iPad Retina display would exceed the capabilities of current mobile device technology.

iPad 2 Next Generation Hardware Coming April 2011?

A long list of souped-up features could be on its way to the next generation iPad. Analysts are now expecting the device to be released between March and April 2011 with a bevy of new hardware and improvements. Top on the list are a slimmer profile and lighter weight. One way Apple may be considering dramatically reducing the weight in an iPad 2: a carbon fiber body.

Apple iPad 2 carbon fiber back

A patent has been revealed that shows Apple's take on a carbon fiber (CFRP) tablet construction. This would not only dramatically reduce weight, but by replacing aluminum in the current model it could improve Wi-Fi and 3G reception. Currently, plastic windows in the metal back making up the Apple logo and at the top of the iPad 3G are required for antennas.

Apple Launches Free Engraving on iPads

As expected, Apple has begun to custom-engrave new iPads just in time for the holiday shopping season. Along with the free engraving service, iPads can be shipped to a gift recipient in a signature Apple gift box along with a personalized greeting card. iPads are now shipping within 24 hours from the online Apple Store, although engraving will delay shipment to 1-3 days.

Apple iPad Engraving

The text of your choice will be laser engraved directly on the aluminum back of the iPad, above the Apple logo and near the top edge of the iPad. The message can be two lines of up to 35 characters each. Apple has offered the service on its products since 2002, when they initially charged $49 to engrave the 10 GB iPod.

iPad iOS 4.2 Nixes Rotation Lock Switch

Apple will make changes to the rotation lock switch on your iPad when iOS 4.2 firmware arrives on the device this November. The beta version of the new operating system was released to developers today, and the external switch next to the volume buttons has been reassigned as a mute button.

Apple iPad Multitasking bar

Rotation lock still exists as an option, of course. The controls are similar to iPhones running iOS 4 or later. Double-clicking the home button will bring up the multitasking bar, which shows running and recently used applications. Swiping all the way to the left shows a specific set of controls on the multitasking bar.

iPad Probably Coming to a Target Near You

File this one in the likely but not confirmed category. Photos of a Target retail PDA were sent to Engadget, showing new items purportedly for sale starting on October 3. The items are classified under "Digital Audio," which is the same category as iPods and e-readers like the Amazon Kindle.

Apple iPad Retail Sales at Target

iPad 2 With FaceTime Coming This Fall?

We already know that iOS 4.2 will be released for the iPad in November, bringing many new features to existing devices just in time for the holiday retail season. New evidence has emerged that Apple may be planning something even bigger for this fall or early 2011. Rumors of a smaller iPad model and camera-equipped iPads along with a July BGR report that iOS firmware links FaceTime to email addresses already mean Apple has something up its sleeve.

Apple iPad FaceTime

Now AppleInsider reports that Apple may abandon its one-year product cycle to launch a FaceTime-capable iPad within months. According to the report, Apple needs to move aggressively to get their own FaceTime-equipped mobile devices into the market before making the FaceTime code public for inclusion on other platforms.


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