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Apple iPad Built-In Camera Looks Definite

Our money is on the next model iPad including a built-in camera. More evidence has surfaced that Apple plans to integrate a camera into the iPad, or that the company abandoned plans to include a camera in the first generation while keeping it as an upgrade plan for next year. AppleInsider reports that Apple's iPad management profile policies clearly indicate settings for camera restrictions.

Apple iPad Camera

These profile policies are available to corporate users to configure the iPad for employees in the field. Some departments may not want their iPad cameras activated, and they will have the option of turning off the feature. Like other evidence that has surfaced in past weeks, it would appear that Apple may have abandoned plans to include a camera at the last minute before launch. The iPad hardware has perfectly fitted slots for an iPhone-sized camera behind the glass.

Books Have Better Heat Tolerance Than iPad

A group of plaintiffs from Oakland have discovered that the iPad is prone to overheating when left in direct sunlight or used in an area with high ambient temperatures. They have filed a lawsuit against Apple accusing the company of deceptive advertising, fraud, selling defective tablet computers, and violating California's consumer protection and unfair business practices laws.

Apple iPad Temperature Warning Heat

All this because they believe that the iPad is marketed with the claim that "reading on iPad is just like reading a book." The disaffected iPad owners were apparently tricked into spending over $500 on an iPad in the belief that it would be perfectly usable in the same weather conditions outdoors as a paper book.

Apple to Offer Free Engraving on iPads?

Erictric cites a source inside Apple who claims the company will offer free engraving on the backs of iPads before the holiday season later this year. Apple launched engraving for the first time in 2002 with the 10 GB iPod. The service cost an additional $49 until Apple later decided to drop the charge entirely.

Apple iPad Engraving

Apple now offers free engraving on all of its iPods. Your chosen words can be previewed on Apple's website, and engraved iPods cannot be returned. The service fits approximately 30 characters on each of two lines on the back of the iPod. If Apple does offer engraving on the iPad, there should be room for more text.

Apple Just Can't Get Enough iPad Screens

Shipping time for a new iPad is already set at 7-10 business days, but a shortage could be looming as parts manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand for orders from Apple. The latest company to signal it was having trouble is Korean company LG Display, who manufactures the 9.7 inch IPS LCD display found in the iPad.

Apple iPad manufacturing LG

LG reported it was currently running at full capacity, but would have to reduce production in August due to low demand for television screens. iPad screen production could be increased, however LG Display CEO Kwon Young-soo predicts that supplies will be tight until early 2011. Apple could be forced to find another supplier to augment production at LG is demand keeps up over the next several months.

Next Generation iPad Coming in 2010?

No way. Leave it to DigiTimes to keep the iPad rumor mill in full swing. The publication has reported that new iPad models could be on the way as early as fourth quarter 2010. Considering that Apple has had a difficult enough time delivering three million units sold to date, this doesn't sound very likely.

Apple iPad Future Models

In the same report, DigiTimes cites sources in the industry who claim Apple has placed orders for OLED screens from Taiwanese component maker Compal. The current iPad features an IPS LCD display, the most expensive single component featured in the hardware design. OLED screens are still more expensive to produce, and even OLED giant Samsung Electronics is having trouble fulfilling orders for its own products.

Another Missing iPad Feature: The Gyroscope

Some iPad users may be disappointed that Apple's first generation tablet hardware is missing a camera or an SD card slot among other things. Much hype has surrounded the gyroscope chip included in the iPhone 4 and all of the cool things on the horizon that gyro-enabled apps will be capable of doing.

Apple iPad Gyroscope

Turns out Apple likely nixed plans to include a gyroscope on the current model iPad and is saving the feature for an upgraded device. This photo shows an iPhone 4 gyroscope (highlighted on the left) and a similar empty space on the iPad circuit board (right side). According to UBMTechInsights analyst Steve Bitton, the pin arrangement on the iPad matches the InvenSense digital gyro. This was the first three-axis gyroscope chip to hit the market.

iPad Production Problems, Samsung Joins LG

There's still an iPad shortage, and Apple has reportedly hired another manufacturer to help alleviate supply problems. The shortage has to do with iPad touch screens, which are of the 9.7 inch LED IPS variety. There's just not enough of them to go around.

Apple iPad 3G display manufacturing LG Samsung

Apple is experiencing similar problems with its high-resolution iPhone 4 screen and just can't overcome production bottlenecks to meet overwhelming demand. LG Display, a South Korean company, has already shipped close to one million iPad displays in May. This is in addition to over 700k units shipped in April and almost 800k units shipped in February and March.

DIY: Connect Your iPad to Verizon Wireless

Looking for a faster connection? AT&T on the iPad got you down? All you need is an expendable Verizon Wireless MiFi and some electronics know-how to mod your iPad. You can kiss your warranty goodbye but in exchange your iPad will achieve download speeds six times faster than 3G and act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices.

Apple iPad Verizon Wireless

The modified iPad featured in this Dish Network Blog actually connects to the Verizon network via the MiFi's Wi-Fi signal, not by accessing the cellular data network directly. The MiFi internals are mounted inside the iPad frame, although this required removal of half the speaker resonating chamber.

Report: Next Generation iPad to Feature OLED Screen

Sure the iPad 3G hasn't even shipped yet, but of course Apple likes to keep things on the cutting edge. Taiwan-based newspaper DigiTimes reports that Apple plans to use an OLED display in the second-generation iPad design. The paper, which is focused on the supply side of the electronics and communications industries, claims that sources in the component industry are aware of Apple's OLED intentions.

The video above demonstrates a Samsung OLED prototype screen. Apple is expected to refresh the iPad line next year with a variety of improvements. A new operating system is already slated for release this fall. An OLED screen would dramatically improve battery life and significantly decrease the weight and thickness of a future iPad.

Evidence Points to Camera in Next iPad

Apple has some interesting things planned for the second generation iPad. With new evidence surfacing every week, it's all but certain the next iPad will include a camera. The question is whether we will be capturing images from the front, back or both sides of the new iPad.

Apple iPad iChat Camera

As expected, iPhone OS 4 has support for the rear-facing iPhone camera, and is coming to the iPad this fall. What's more surprising is TUAW reported that a process called "iChatAgent" is running in the new operating system. Although interesting, Mac users know that iChat can be used without video.


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