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Did Apple Fail to Mention iPad Stereo Speakers?

Photos of internal iPad components released by the FCC have revealed a few surprises. Official iPad specifications from Apple do not mention stereo audio output, only a "built-in speaker." Further inspection of the teardown photos reveals what is clearly two distinct speakers.

Apple iPad Stereo Audio Output

The parts shown above comprise the speaker assembly, which consists of dual speakers to provide stereo sound. According to ifixit.com there are two small sealed channels that direct sound toward three audio ports in the bottom of the iPad. This is the first time evidence of stereo sound on the Apple iPad has surfaced.

Teardown: iPad Insides Exposed Thanks to FCC

Normally it takes a little while after launch to get photos of the inner workings of a device. iPad enthusiasts need not wait thanks to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Launch day for the Wi-Fi + 3G model is slated as "late April" but photos of its innards are already public.

Apple iPad Breakdown Hardware Internals

Apple asked the FCC to keep the information confidential until August, however the FCC seems to have ignored the request. For those interested, the details can be found on the exhibits list page for FCC ID BCG-E2381A. Plenty of individuals and organizations are waiting until tomorrow to do their own in-depth teardown of the Wi-Fi only iPad model and are sure to post even more detailed information.

iSuppli: Entry-Level iPad Costs Apple $230

According to a report authored by iSuppli, hardware and manufacturing to create a 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad costs Apple $229.35. At a retail price of $499, Apple will make a whopping 54% profit on each unit.

Apple iPhone iPad processor

Looking at production costs for the 32GB 3G iPad, iSuppli estimates the cost at $287.15. This model is the most profitable for Apple on a percentage basis (61%), as the unit retails for $729. Shipping costs are not included.

Apple iPad Could Ship With Built-in Camera

Evidence has surfaced that Apple iPad prototypes and possibly the model demoed by Steve Jobs himself have an integrated forward-facing camera. Photos have shown possible built-in cameras just like the iSight camera installed on current iMac models.

Apple iPad webcam

By no means definitive, this enhanced photo from Wired shows a light, round spot right where one would expect the iSight camera to be located. The iMac bezel has an identical design and existing iSight cameras, which are used for video chat and photo taking, appear much the same.


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