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Siri's Just as Useless on the iPad as it's on the iPhone 4

It's already been proven Siri can be ported to an iPhone 4. Meaning there is no technical reason for it to be exclusive to the iPhone 4S. This also means it should work with the iPad or iPad 2, but is it really worth it?

Apple Voice Assistant

A hacker known as Jackoplane did manage to add the voice assistant to a jailbroken iPad, but just like the iPhone 4, it isn't set up to communicate with the Apple servers. According to the jailbreaking community, any iOS device should be able to disguise itself as an iPhone 4S, and trick the servers into communicating with it. The voice assistant could also be set up to query Google, but as of right now it's pretty useless.

iOS 5 Jailbreak Released For the iPad

The iPhone Dev Team released the latest version of redsn0w for the iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or iPod touch on Thursday. Version 0.9.9b5 is tethered for now, but it can be used with iOS 5. iPad 2 users are still stuck with JailbreakMe 3.0 which only works with iOS 4.3.3. iPhone 4S owners are totally out of luck.

iOS 5

Tethered means you will have to connect your iPad to your Mac or PC whenever you power up the device. You'll need to download iTunes 10.5 and should always backup everything before jailbreaking any device. Visit the iPhone Dev-Team Blog for download links and instructions.

Jailbreak Tweak Enables Facebook on Your iPad

Hours after TechCrunch discovered a hidden code for the Facebook iPad app, Facebook closed the door leaving many iPad users stuck out in the cold. Luckily for Facebook fans, the coder known as Chpwn, found a way around the FaceBook block for jailbreak users.


If you're an iPad owner who can't wait for the official release, all you need is the FaceForward Cydia app to install Facebook on your device.

Install the Google Plus iPhone App on Your iPad or iPod touch [Jailbreak Free]

The Google+ iPhone app has been a hot commodity since its launch this week, but what about the iPad and iPod touch? Currently the Google Plus app only works on the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0 or later, but a Redmond Pie reader found an easy workaround to install the popular app on other Apple devices.

Google+ iPad

To learn how to install the jailbreak free Google Plus iPhone app on your iPad, check out the iDownload Blog team's "How To" YouTube video, and our step-by-step instructions below.

Remember, the Google Plus app was created for the iPhone, so it's not a great fit for the iPad display resolution. You can try zooming in, or if your iPad is jailbroken using RetinaPad like the person in the video, to try and make it look better.

RetinaPad Boosts Resolution for 2x iPhone Apps on iPad

The ability to run iPhone apps on the iPad is great except for one thing, in full-screen mode (2x) they appear pixelated. If your iPad is jailbroken and you're tired of seeing blocky text RetinaPad is the answer. This tweak will enable Retina display mode for compatible iPhone apps, clearing up the graphics on your iPad screen.

RetinaPad 2x iPhone app tweak

iPhone apps designed for the iPhone 4 Retina display have increased resolution for compatibility with the newer screen, but also run in a lower resolution mode on older models like the iPhone 3GS. By default the iPad and iPad 2 run all iPhone applications in lower resolution mode, leaving the 2x display blurry.

iUsers Lets You Share Your iPad With Multiple User Profiles [Video]

Tired of your kids mucking up your iPad with useless junk like Angry Birds? Want to keep your iPad separate from your wife but can only afford one? A new mod called iUsers looks to solve your problems by offering multiple user accounts for the iPad.

Just like your home computer, the new iPad tweak allows you to create multiple user profiles to keep your information separate. This is a great tool for families who need to share their device. Dad doesn't have to worry about losing important information, and kids can set their own game scores by keeping them divided.

Jailbreak iPad Runs Multiple iPhone Apps on One Screen

If you're running iOS 4.x on your iPad, you already know the device can multitask. Now jailbreak app developer Aaron Ash is taking the concept to a new level and developing software to do what some iPad owners never thought was possible. His software runs multiple iPhone applications on the same iPad screen at the same time.

polyonix app Cydia jailbreak iPad

As the screenshot above shows, he was able to successfully play two games of Angry Birds at the same time. Three iPhone apps can run simultaneously, but the current version of his software crashes when four apps are opened. The app could eventually make its way into the Cydia jailbreak app store and is currently named Polyonix.

IPad 2 Jailbreak: It's Been Far Too Long

Comex, who has been teasing us with an iPad 2 jailbreak for over two-weeks now, updated Jailbreakme.com with a message that reads, "It's been far too long, no seriously."

Last week Comex tweeted that he is "working on both the iPad 2 jailbreak and lots of other exciting projects" before posting a long explanation via Twitlonger. The famed userland jailbreak hacker also said he missed his own deadline, and that the "leaked" July 17 iPad 2 jailbreak release date is untrue.


Comex Says Suspected iPad 2 Jailbreak "Almost Ready"

We guessed a few days ago that an iPad 2 jailbreak may be getting a release based on a teaser image and tweet posted by Comex, the hacker responsible for the famous jailbreakme.com userland jailbreak. Today Comex tweeted, "it's almost ready," after one of his followers begged him to release what he had.

comex teaser ipad 2 userland jailbreak

The teaser image posted on Saturday showed a man skiing down a ski run with a sign marked "PDF." The skiing reference is likely a reference to the iPad and iPhone root password 'alpine', and the sign a reference to a new PDF exploit.

Comex Hints iPad 2 Userland Jailbreak Imminent

Many iPad 2 owners have long lamented the lack of a jailbreak for their tablet. Thanks to Apple's A5 processor, bootrom exploits that have been effective for jailbreaking the iPhone 4 are not effective on the iPad 2. To date, no jailbreak exists for the iPad 2. If we're interpreting a "teaser" image dropped by Comex, famed hacker responsible for the jailbreakme.com userland jailbreak, iPad 2 owners may soon have a way to jailbreak their devices, and an easy, convenient way at that.

comex teaser ipad 2 userland jailbreak


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