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Padcaster iPad Case Transforms Your Tablet into a Mobile Production Studio

The Padcaster iPad case aims to transform your iPad into a mobile film studio by allowing you to easily mount your device to a tripod. Geared towards video journalists, videographers and DSLR users, the case features a variety of ways to attach external microphones, lights and other camera accessories. The tripod mount offers a handsfree experience while shooting video, storyboarding and editing.

iPad Accessories

The aluminum frame is lined with threaded holes for attaching accessories, and it features a urethane insert that snugly secures the iPad in the case. When paired with the Lenscaster accessory, videographers can attach additional lenses to give them more control over the focus, or help create a wider field of view for a more film-like shooting experience. The Padcaster can also be used as a standalone DSLR cage.

LaunchPort Brings Wireless Charging to iPad 2

Less cables and more convenience is on its way to the iPad 2 thanks to a new charging and mounting solution from LaunchPort. The PowerShuttle comes in black and white to match the iPad 2, as serves as an exterior case. The magic happens when the PowerShuttle is coupled with a charging station.

Launchport wireless iPad charging

Two different stations are available, the WallStation and a BaseStation. These are magnetic iPad 2 mounts that connect wirelessly to the PowerShuttle, mounting the tablet. Not only this, but the device begins to charge immediately when it's magnetically attached to the station.

modulR iPad Case System: A First Look (Lots of Photos)

We've been awaiting the arrival of the modulR case system since we first featured it back in late March. modulR is an innovative case system that allows a single iPad case to be used with a variety of accessories to achieve a number of different functions. Coupled with its accessories, the modulR case can function as an iPad stand, an iPad wall mount, an iPad swivel arm mount, and an iPad car mount (though the accessory providing the latter two features aren't yet available).

modulr ipad case system 3a

modulR arrived in our offices late last week, and a busy weekend prevented us from getting a first look until this morning. That said, we got to spend a bit of time with the modulR case, the modulR Quick Stand, and the modulR Slim Mount this morning. We've put together a quick first look for those of you who also have had your interest piqued by the modulR system.

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